Without the USSR Is Life Really Much Better?


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

7th January, 2016

By Alexander Rogers


I understand the main problem of the USSR.

In the USSR, it appears it was bored with life. No wars with neighbouring republics, neither separatism, nor ethnic cleansing, nor hostile takeovers, neither economic crises nor gangs. It was bored to death.

Even a rundown of riot police was not an occurrence  When the only revolt in the Soviet Union took place, the revolt in Novocherkassk, there were no special forces to disperse the demonstrators, no water cannons, no tear gas, no rubber bullets, or batons-democratizers. They had to kick out soldiers who didn’t understand how it’s all done. And then the noise increased!

Here in the USA, the bastion of democracy, it is quite another matter! The riot in New Jersey had several hundred corpses during the repression. The riot in Los Angeles in 1992 resulted in 52 dead. The riot in Baltimore, a few hundred corpses (when I do not specify the exact figure, this means that data is classified in the most democratic government in the world). And there are dozens of such cases.

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I’m not talking about the daily killing of unarmed civilians by police. And all this using fully democratic weapons: cannons, armour, batons, gas and stun grenades, lasers for eyes, rubber bullets and so on.

In the USSR it was boring. Now it’s dissolved, and it immediately became fun. Armenians and Azerbaijanis went to war over Karabakh, the war in Transnistria, the Georgian ethnic cleansing in Ossetia and Abkhazia, the Chechen seizure of schools and human trafficking, drug trafficking from Central Asia, gang wars of the nineties and so on. Cheerful indeed!

The U.S under the radar, once again with no one to hold them back, destroyed Yugoslavia, bombed Serbia, created a jihadist enclave in Kosovo, invaded several countries, killed several million people, conducted coups in several countries, have made even more of their bases around the world. There is something to discuss, you can bet which country the USA will invade next time – fun!

So, can we compare the fully miserable reception of free apartments, free education, free medical care and labour permits in sanatoriums and on resorts with the liberal need to obtain personal loans, get a mortgage, pay health insurance and working three jobs for the sake of to be able to pay for it all?

Ukraine after disintegration of the USSR for a long time lived boring. Well racketeering, well small clashes between thugs, it’s boring. No civil war, no ethnic cleansing, and even nothing to talk about in the kitchen.

But after the Maidan everything changed. There is a civil war, and a search for Putin’s spies in every Kutugovka and Kozolupova, and the heroic “coffins” from the cauldrons, and a world tour of Poroshenko called “Give me pennies” (so successful that a second tour is planned with the title “Everyone is still not drunk”), and figuring out who is more patriotic – the raiders of Kolomoisky or the raiders of Pashinsky. You can bet how many of the transmission towers will be flooded with Tatar morons today, how many police officers will be killed by pravy sektor in a week, how many profiles from the APU will report “no losses” over the last day, time to boycott – “Pepsi” or “Coke”, how many billions stolen by Yatsenyuk “into the wall” this year, and so on. Everyday life boils!

In the here and now, only a week has passed since the new year, and the Chinese exchange has already twice stopped the markets because of landslides, with the Europeans and U.S trying to catch up with it, we see the unfolding of a new round of global economic crisis. Also on the horizon looms a few possible new military conflicts in the Middle East, and this means that the EU will take millions more Arab refugees. You feel that without the USSR is life really much better?

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