Wolf Messing Predicts The Collapse Of The U.S In 2016

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

2nd January, 2016


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It just so happened that many of us would like to know in advance what will happen to them, because being forewarned is being forearmed. But how can you predict the future not only for a particular person, but all over the world? For all history of existence of humanity such abilities have been possessed by people. One of these unique seers was Wolf Messing. With those penetrating eyes he looked through time and space, and all that he foresaw, was absolutely accurate. For example, he called Joseph Stalin’s true date of the end of world war II.

But the seer was able not only to look a few years ahead, but even more than half a century. For the coming 2016 he also left his message. In it the famous psychic speaks to the three countries, which will experience the most significant changes.

So, according to him, this year the USA will cease to be a superpower, and will be brought down from this position, causing the country to be overlooked. That is, to be in such a state which no one seriously thinks of America as an opponent. It will inflict a crushing blow to the US economy, after which it will simply collapse. But 2016 will be not only fatal for the United States. According to Messing, Japan, together with Taiwan, is waiting for the strongest impact, comparable only with a nuclear one. Where it will come down on them, the predictor did not elaborate, but added that the country will suffer huge financial and human losses.

Messing’s watchful eye has not, of course, bypassed Russia. For her, he predicted difficult times. According to him, she will give way to China’s force in the territory, but whether voluntarily or in the course of hostilities, the seer didn’t specify. But this circumstance does not adversely affect her power, but to the contrary. In this year, according to him, Russia will become the most spiritual and influential power in the world.

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