Yarosh maneouvers towards presidential run

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Yarosh, posing in front of the Right Sektor flag, whose red/black was the flag of the collaborationist UPA in WWII.

News Front, January 8, 2016

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

The split among the Ukrainian radicals from the “Right Sector” * is becoming increasingly evident. Supporters of Dmitry Yarosh intend to leave the ranks of their political organization, and create a new structure, controlled only by their leader.

According to News Front, in late December in Dnepropetrovsk, the Regional cell of “Right Sector” *, on the initiative of the ex-leader of the organization, people’s deputy of Ukraine Dmytro Yarosh, held an All-Ukrainian conference of the membership.

This conference was attended by about 40 activists of the so-called “Moderate wing” of the party “Right Sektor”* who do not share the radical views of one of its leaders, Andrei Stempitskiy.

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The conference decided to establish a new political national/patriotic organization, whose leader will be Dmitry Yarosh.

It is planned that the new organization will gradually distance themselves from the “Right Sektor,” * since its members are entrenched in bad repute, being accused of excessive radicalism, links with criminal circles, participating in robberies, looting, and such.

At the moment work is in progress to form the political program of the new organization, to approve of the format of activities, goals and objectives, as well as the feasibility of the nomination of Dmitry Yarosh for the post of President of Ukraine in the next election.

* This organization is recognized by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation as extremist and its activities are prohibited in the territory of Russia.

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