22 Ukrainians Flying to the US Removed From Flight in Paris Due to Doubts Over Authenticity of Visas

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

26th February, 2016


Ukrainians onboard a flight from Paris Airport, who were flying to Miami, were removed, reports “Channel 24”. The passengers explained that the receiving party had not confirmed their visas, even though they received them at the U.S. Embassy in Kiev.

“They visited the Consul of Ukraine in France and they said that in Paris there are consulates of all countries and they have the right to cancel any visa. But in my 9 years of experience in the field of tourism that has never happened, we don’t even understand how this could happen. All of them have had Visas for almost 10 years. The tour is very expensive, and the money of course will not be returned to them”, — said the tourists’ colleague Svetlana Garbar to the TV station.

In the words of the passengers themselves, they were at the airport for more than a day, no one wanted to communicate and only through the Embassy had they managed to achieve the delivery of water. Meanwhile among them are old people and children. Many had to sleep on the floor. Now the Ukrainian citizens are waiting deportation.

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“The situation is unclear for us all, and we await the next departure at 19:30. The tour has been booked since November, all expenses paid. The attitude of Ukraine is just disgusting, we spent the day sitting in the airport, no one can escape, and we are not granted any amenities. At the airport it is very cold, all are frozen and are beginning to get sick,” said Anastasiya Rybakova, a passenger on the flight.

Another passenger said that they wanted to buy a ticket with their money to fly before, but they did not give them their luggage and they said that it will fly only on the flight at 19:30, despite the planes flying constantly. In total, 22 citizens of Ukraine were removed from the flight.

“We knocked on all doors, but Ukraine did not react. Nobody wanted to make contact with us. Please help, we are citizens of Ukraine, the US government should somehow protect us. We were not provided basic facilities, we were not even taken to a hotel. We slept on the floor, we also can not get into contact with anyone for medical care,” said the passengers live on TV.

Recall that the day before Poroshenko signed three laws necessary for a visa-free regime between Ukraine and the European Union.

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