Almost 90% of New York Residents Believe the Authorities Are Corrupt

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

2nd February, 2016


Half of the voters of the state of New York do not want to vote for the current regional legislators because of the recent corruption scandals. This is evidenced by the results of a sociological survey by the Institute of Siena, held in late January, reports Syracuse.

Almost 89% of the people surveyed by sociologists in New York believe corruption within the state government is “a serious problem”. Two thirds believe that there are similar serious problems in the regional authorities.

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These statistics can be a significant hurdle for 62 senators and 147 members who plan to seek re-election in November.

Only 38% of respondents have a positive attitude towards the state Senate and 37% of the Assembly.

“The confidence of residents of the state of New York state government in Albany is at historically low levels,” said pollster Steven Greenberg of the Siena Institute. “Almost nine out of ten voters say that corruption is an important issue in Albany, with most of them emphasize that this is very serious”.

Just a few months after former Senate majority leader Dean Skelos and former Assembly speaker Sheldon silver had been convicted of corruption offences in the public sector, 84% of voters supported the abolition of pensions for officials convicted of such crimes. Deprivation of pensions is threatened to officials elected after 2011 and were subsequently convicted.

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