American-Arab Participation Is Not Unlikely in Syria


Translated by Sufyan Jan for Fort Russ
14th February, 2016

by Elijah J. Magnier (@EjmAlrai)

Just like Berlin…….. Syria may divide itself into a Western and Eastern state

The drums of war have heightened since Prime Minister Medvedev laid down his speech in Munich, where he said: “All sides must be forced to the negotiating table instead of sparking a new world war” .

Russia’s warning comes after a Saudi defense spokesman, Brig Gen Ahmed Asiri, showed no sign of backing away by saying: “The Kingdom announced the Islamic coalition to fight terrorism and it is ready to conduct aerial and ground operations within the US led coalition in Syria”.

And in the midst of all this a source in the joint’s operation room that includes Russia, Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah said to Al-Rai that: “A ground incursion into Syria is a possible scenario, and we’re trying to adapt our plans to it, though any incursion won’t happen at the bat of an eye”.

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The source goes on to explain, “Transporting ground forces and laying out supply lines  and logistical support under the pretext of fighting ISIS will require a time frame of 3-4 months for these forces to be ready to enter Syria and head towards ISIS controlled territory, simultaneously avoiding the Syrian army, Russian air force, Iranian revolutionary guard and Hezbollah special forces, so as to avoid any unnecessary collision or skirmishes, that would put them east of the Euphrates where ISIS lie”. 

The source notes, “This will divide Syria into Westernstan and Easternstan, where in the Western part the Syrian government will reign, and in the East all forces fighting ISIS, just as was the case with Berlin after WWII causing a division that lasted for decades. This political and military reality must be dealt with in such a way so as not to cause a world war, therefore in the next few months all hell will break loose on the Jihadis in Syria from Al-Nusra and their allies from Ahrar-Al-sham, Islamic front, Jaish al-Muhajirin wa al-Ansar who hail from Chechnya and the North Caucasus region and Jund Al-Aqsa et eli from the Army of Conquest, especially since the ceasefire agreement struck in Munich that may lead to a truce and the delivery of humanitarian aid to besieged areas will not include ISIS, Al-Nusra and their allies”.

The source further discloses that, “The US coalition ground forces will not go through Iraq into Syria, rather they will use the eastern Jordanian-Syrian border, because of ISIS’ presence in Al-Anbar, no ground force will enter through Iraq unless they want to be outflanked and battered as they attempt to enter Syria, and because entering Syria from the northern border will have many hurdles to overcome especially for Turkey due to the presence of Kurdish forces from Kobani to Al-Hasakah. What most probably will happen is the assemblage of the Egyptian, Saudi, UAE, Jordanian and others from the coalition , in Jordan due to the non existence of hostile forces and it will be much easier to lay supply lines, without excluding the possibility of deploying special forces in the north where Kurdish forces reign, their mission would be to eye, via laser equipment, ISIS targets that would be bombed”.

The source adds, “The goal of the Russian led coalition today is to close the 8 kilometre distance remaining between it and the Turkish border, to severe all communication lines between Turkey and the Jihadis, and to make it more difficult for military assistance cross the border, that’s still to this day reaching them. Iran is prepared to increase its presence to shut close the porous border also to prevent any aid from reaching the Jihadis, and to end any the dream of a Turkish incursion into Syria, though from now until the summer is the most dangerous phase, even for the American administration, President Obama is walking a thin line on Syria and trying his best to avoid a new war in the last months of his administration”.

According to the source, “Intelligence based information confirms that regional powers asked the Syrian opposition ,both those who are linked to Al-Qaeda and those who aren’t, to not negotiate any mediating solution in Geneva, and not to give away any position inside Syria without a fight, and never to handover a town to try and bargain with the regime, time is of the essence, arms will flow to these groups to hinder any quick advancement by the Syrian Army and its allies, all bets are on the next president that holds office in the US that will in any case take a more affirmative position, future battles will be fierce, all those who are fighting on the ground will try to fortify their positions or better them, this means the Syrian war will be a long one”.

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