…And Now You Know What You Have Done!


Fort Russ – 18th February, 2016


*Please note that Fort Russ is not affiliated with the seller in any way*

Here is an excellent addition to any bookshelf or window ledge to commemorate the destruction of American hegemony, courtesy of Vladimir Putin :

NEW 2016 Vladimir Putin Spanking Barak Obama 

Action Figure, toy, doll, president 

New in Box 

From the legendary maker of “Putin riding a bear” action figure 

Directly from the manufacturer – so you get the best price! 

Handmade in Russia


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Be aware of fake figures from China! 

Material: artificial stone 

Height: 15 cm / 6 inch 

Width: 14 cm / 5.5 inch 

Weight: 650 gramm / 1.5 lb 

Vladimir Putin is a charismatic president beloved by many people. He has often been a subject of good and harmless jokes. This action figure is not an exception.  

It demonstrates how the leader of the Russian Federation is committed to seeking alternative solutions when the diplomacy does not work.  

He knows for sure how to deal with such a giant of the political world – the US President Barack Obama.  

Having such action figure at home tells a lot about your attitude to the president Putin and proves that you have a sparkling sense of humor. It can also be a great gift for your friends and relatives who will sincerely appreciate such a cute and funny present. Everyone will find a spot in the home for such an important action figure. Looking at it is really a pleasure. Put it by your TV-set and watch the world news seeing Mr. Putin on TV and in your house at the same time. 

The relations between the president of Russia and the president of the United States have not always been smooth and perfect. Sometimes they misunderstand each other. Due to the fact that such situations have occurred more often recently, we have created this action figure that shows a solution for any problem. However, the methods are not always humane. But you can be sure, even if it wouldn’t help the other party to make a right decision, they will certainly think their behavior over and arrive at a right conclusion. At the same time this action figure is covered with an excellent paint which will not peel off with time. 

This action figure will take its deserved place in your home, becoming a true symbol of traditional Russian diplomacy, as well as the best proof of your sense of humor.

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