Azov Patrolling the Streets of Kharkov

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

7th February, 2016


The patrol squads will be mixed with the main outfit of  police officers. There will be 10 patrols,  consisting of 1 member of the police and 2 “Azov” members. February 3rd marked the first joint duty in Kharkov. According to activists, the situation in the city is now restless, so they decided to join and help the security forces, reports ATN.

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Representatives of the “Azov” wanted to help law enforcement agencies. “The patrol squads will be mixed mainly with police officers. This was done so that all the actions were coordinated, so the police did not go out alone, but with the help of a civil body. It will endure stricter discipline. On the other hand, the civic body will also help the district in terms of paperwork, being present as witnesses when conducting arrests, and physical force if need be”, – said the head of the Dzerzhinsky Police Department Eduard Verbenec.

Just patrolling the city involves 20 activists, some them are members of the ATO. The total patrols will last at least a week until they take control of Shevchenko (previously Dzerzhinsky) district, although the activists plan to cover the whole city.

Earlier, the participants of blockade of the Crimea, in particular the representatives of “Azov”, organized daily patrols in the Henichesk district, Kherson region.

In addition, the Department of Drug Crime of the National Police of Ukraine intends to cooperate with the “Azov” regiment.

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