“Bombing Hospitals” in Syria: Turkey Launched an Information Barrage at Russia


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

16th February, 2016


George Soros’ NGO “White Helmets” – best friends with Al Qaeda

In recent days, government forces and militias in Syria freed seven localities in the North and North-West of the country from terrorists. Just over a hundred square kilometers of territory. These statistics were reported on 16th February by the Ministry of Defence. Turkey, fearing complete loss of control over Northern Syria, is launching new artillery strikes. But at the same time they say that it’s coming from the direction of Russia.

A camera on a Russian drone was sent to the villages on the Turkey-Syria border in the province of Aleppo. More than a hundred artillery strikes — according to data, analysis of the shooting, and leading military experts — was inflicted by the Turkish army not on the positions of terrorists, but the Syrian government forces and the units of the Syrian opposition that are fighting against ISIS. But Ankara is seeking to hide their interest in the Syrian conflict by churning out accusations against Russia one after the other. The main rule: the more absurd the statements, the more likely the public will believe it. Well, the public should be at least sympathetic. Kiev’s Cabinet of Ministers cope quite well with this role.

“Right now, during our talks, Russia struck a hospital and a school in Azaz with a ballistic missile launched from the Caspian sea. And many children and civilians were killed in the strike,” — said the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu in Kiev.

“Ahmed Davutoglu agreed yesterday even about the alleged involvement of Russia from the Caspian sea strike, emphasizing a ballistic missile at the hospital in Idlib. I must say that no ship that can carry out such ballistic missiles was a part of the Caspian Flotilla,” — said the answer of the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov.

For the Ukrainian, Turkish and other European viewer, accuracy is not important. The main thing — propaganda. And now, American experts on CNN are talking quite seriously about Russian aggression, in a conversation with the Studio correspondent in Istanbul. From Turkey, of course, it is easier to see what is happening in Syria.

“We just heard the Turkish Prime Minister’s accusations against Russia. Do the Turkish side have any evidence that Russia is behind these attacks?” – asked the leader.

“If they have, they were not openly declared. But this is not the first time we see that Russian airstrikes bring significant harm to the civilian population. And it’s not just about the destroyed school and hospital in Azaz. Note the fact that they destroyed a hospital in Azaz that specializes in the treatment of women and children. There is another incident, when “Doctors without borders” reported a hospital in Idlib province was destroyed,” answered the correspondent of CNN in Turkey.

An emotional picture that does not leave the viewer indifferent, and the reference to “Doctors Without Borders”. It is a pledge of pseudo-objectivity. And, if the first reports of all western mass media simultaneously claimed that it is hospital supported by an international organization, by the evening the word “supported” naturally disappeared from the reports.

“The missile struck the hospital of Doctors without Borders,” writes Tagesschau.

“Urgent report from war-torn Syria. “Doctors without Borders” report that their field hospital was destroyed during a Russian air strike,” ABC bakes a “hot” information pie.

“I want to say that information about a hospital from the “Doctors without borders” organization before yesterday for some reason was not known, nor in Idlib, Azaz nor to anyone except Turkish authorities. You will not find information anywhere else about these hospitals, including the website of the organization “Doctors without borders”, said Igor Konashenkov at Khmeimim airbase, throwing his hands up in the air at this blatant lie. “Moreover, on the same site it is fairly easy to find a report about a supposedly destroyed hospitals and schools in Azaz, dated 10th February.

That means the preparation for this piece of work had been made, but not implemented, before the meeting of heads of foreign policy departments of Russia and USA in Munich, the results of which, as we assume, actively opposes Turkey”.

Moreover, reports about the allegedly destroyed hosptial in Idlib province have neither photo nor video evidence of a destroyed hospital. No. Although it is known “Doctors without borders” record every step. And an instance of airstrikes could not be left to one side. And we should add that the staff of this organization weren’t able to confirm this obvious disinformation.

“We have received reports of three or four explosions. But we have different information, some speak about the airstrikes, some on attacks from the ground. The situation is actually quite complicated,” — declared the representative of the organization “Doctors without borders” – Isabelle Defourny.

“The solution is simple. Both reports, the allegedly destroyed hospital and school in Azaz dated 10th February and in Idlib on February 15th, contain the same raw data — “Gaziantep, Turkey”. Again, not Syria, not Idlib or Aleppo but the border with Syria – the Turkish city of Gaziantep. By the way, there, by a strange coincidence, under the auspices of Turkish intelligence agencies rebels arrived in the country, including from the CIS countries, and were deployed today in the largest training camp, who after training are sent to fight in Syria in the ranks of terrorist groups. If someone in Turkey thinks that we are not aware — we should not build illusions,” said Igor Konashenkov.

The Defense Ministry again issued a reminder: all the strikes on terrorists are applied only after multiple checks on the received data, and are coordinated with partners to eliminate the risk to civilians.

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