“Civil Corps of Azov”: How the U.S Feeds Ukraine With Nazis and Nationalists

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

15th February, 2016


Recently the Ukrainian mass media has too often referred to “Civil Corps of Azov” – a youth organization that emerged in the cities of Ukraine under the patronage of the Nazi regiment “Azov”, which is based in Mariupol. Such media attention is an active PR move by the civil activists “Azov”, forcing people to get accustomed more attentively to this new growth.

The emergence of the civil body is quite logical – a similar organization that unites active young people from 15 and older is needed by the commander of the “Azov”, Biletsky, among many considerations. This is to control the rear cities,  spread Nazi ideas, create a supply of fresh troops and volunteer work. Why was this not done already by existing nationalist organizations and Nazi-like groups, like “Plast”, “Trident” and others? Everything is quite simple. The “Plast” organization is more than just children. To offer a teenager in puberty to pull on his ridiculous outfit with the shorts and the socks is certainly a disastrous idea. The rest of the organizations, despite their general Russophobic orientation, have little overlap with the “Azov”, and Biletsky needed his own, easily recognizable brand. And he created it.

In Zaporozhye the number of civil activist elements, according to the media and accounts of the members themselves, is about 50 people. The vast majority, remaining on the sidelines of the ultras of FC Metalurh Zaporizhya, are aged 17-20 year old. The mechanics of the creation is primitive – handing out jackets with the “Azov” logo, to recruit and check reliability and activity, to start a simple task – the distribution of leaflets, torchlight processions or the gathering of money. Actually, the ultras were doing this before – Biletsky merely discovered and adapted for their needs, because as they say “it suddenly appeared into sight”.

Which teenager would resist if he is appointed as the head of Zaporozhye’s organization, for example? Or “chief of staff”? Or, in extreme cases, “the ideological referent”? For a teenager it is important that they draw attention from the “big guys with guns” and show their trust. Yesterday they could fight with the police for hooliganism at the stadium, but today they become a “monarchic person”, which the same police will be afraid to make a comment to. And being next to “White leader” Biletsky in a photo, posted on social networks, is generally the peak of the slope in the teenage world.

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The most important thing the teenagers from “Azov” got is the possibility, in the best tradition of post-Maidan, with high permission to make necessary decisions in local power organizations, rushing to any meeting and applying psychological pressure there, and what is more – with absolute impunity. “Who was nothing will become everything” has become a reality.

The appointment of Roman Zvarych as the head of the civil group of “Azov” can at first cause confusion. Well, in fact, what authority for the ultras can be a person falling within the definition of “nerd” and “challenged” on their scale of values?

But, if you look at the personality of Zvarych carefully, then all contradictions disappear – a descendant of Ukrainian Diaspora raised in the U.S,  no doubt an employee of the American special services, he belongs to the cohort of “Ukrainian” figures that supervise, control and advance U.S. interests in Ukraine – since 1979 he was the Secretary of the head of the OUN Yaroslava Stetsko. The American practice of “watching” in Ukraine has been used for a long time and very successfully. For example, the wife of former President Yushchenko, Kateryna, Natalie Jaresko and Mikhail Saakashvili with his large Georgian community, Abramavicius and many others, who often are not public people. For example, few people know that the Chairman of Regional Ukrainian formation (legislative body of the Ukrainian Plast) is a U.S. citizen, someone called Ihor Figlus (in some sources – Figlyus). He is not a very public man whose nationality would have remained a mystery, if it were not for a scandal, leaked to the Ukrainian media. The essence of the scandal – the American citizen Ihor Figlus in court divided his property with his children and wife, who is also a U.S. citizen. By “coincidence”, the former wife of Figlus is none other than acting Finance Minister of Ukraine Natalie Jaresko! Here’s one of the few photos of Figlus:

No less secretive is the second person in the Ukrainian Formation – Regional Formation Chair Officers (The head of Ukraine’s founded regional corporation) Olha Sinkevych. Besides a mention in the article on Wikipedia, there is no biography or photos of her in the Ukrainian media.

Similarly, the American curator of “Trident”, “Svoboda” and other teenage nationalist organizations was, and probably remains, the former head of the security service of Ukraine Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, there are enough photos and videos confirming this at the moment. Coincidences are so numerous that they become a pattern.

On the basis of the above it is possible to sum up this sad result. At the moment in Ukraine the United States controls all important child and adolescent organizations, raising the Nazis and nationalists, who become the basis of nationalist and Nazi battalions, and continue to replenish their controlled cannon fodder. America doesn’t mind what kind of garbage the russophobes have in their heads. What is nationalist, is Nazi.

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