Eggs Thrown at Kasyanov in Vladimir

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

11th February, 2016


Politician Mikhail Kasyanov, during a visit to Vladimir, was pelted with eggs. This was reported by the correspondent of TASS at the event.

The incident occurred near one of the administrative buildings, which he arrived at for a meeting with journalists. When Kasyanov exited the car and walked to the door, dozens of eggs were thrown at this back.

The attack on Kasyanov involved several people, said the Agency. Before the egg attack, they brought and poured a mountain of snow at the entrance to the building.

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In addition, young people shouted at Kasyanov, telling him to go abroad.

The other day a cake was thrown at the politician in Moscow, when he was sitting in one of the capital’s restaurants. Kasyanov complained to the police, but they refused to initiate a criminal case, saying that there was not a threat to his life, and began an administrative review.

Many people believe that these attacks against Kasyanov are nothing but a PR policy before the upcoming election.

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