Emmanuel Le Roy: Putin Impeached Our Oligarchs to End Division of the World Between Them

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

26th February, 2016


“KP” was told by the Paris based lawyer and former adviser of Marine Le Pen why many Europeans, contrary to Western propaganda, hope for the best with Moscow. 

“Charlie [Hebdo]” is associated with the Bush clan.

In 2015 Europe shuddered at the shootings at “Charlie Hebdo” and “Bataclan”, and the rapes in Cologne. What will happen to Europe in 2016?”

“Europe, including my native France, is a vassal of the Americans. The most that our politicians will do is use these crimes as a pretext for new restrictions on civil liberties like the USA after the September 11th terrorist attacks.”

“So that’s the government. And society..?”

“There are no lessons to take from the attacks. European society is extremely fragmented and only cares about material values. That is why we are not able to understand the motivation of the fanatical Islamists, and even more so — to reflect on their latest attacks.”

“And what about the intelligentsia? Also silent?”

“If you mean the cartoonists of “Charlie Hebdo” — I think they just manipulated in order to annoy the Islamists and give a reason for them to attack. Philippe Val, former publisher and editor of “Charlie”, made no secret of the ties with the US “hawks” Bush clan.”

“Anyway: Europe during the year after the terrorist attacks changed?”

“It became terrible to live in, it’s true. However, the internal policies of the EU flowed in the same direction. We are weak and careless — as we were before and now remain so. Hollande declared a state of emergency, but “crackdown” was felt only by honest Europeans who are not allowed to hold anti-migrant rallies.”

The eternal question: who benefits?

“The creators of the current world system who want to expand the scope of “controlled chaos” is now in Europe. Exactly the same thing destroyed the Soviet Union: the implementation of liberal ideology, the creation of agents of influence, imposing an exact copy of your “Perestroika.”

Emmanuel Le Roy

The clash of civilizations

“What are the goals of those who prepare terrorist attacks in Europe?”

“Today young Muslims around the world are easy to manipulate, drawing on the wrath of the “wicked” West. And Europe pushes a confrontation with the Islamic world. The result is a “clash of civilizations”. And instead of the real enemy — the international financial oligarchy — they give them a scapegoat – the “foreign” religion.”

“It seems as if there are two groups in Europe: politicians who consider Russia as an enemy, and ordinary people are more concerned about the order in their own house.”

“You are right. But Europe consists not only of politicians and journalists, but also international financial circles, such as George Soros. However, all of them are less than 1% of the population of the European Union.”

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“But they’re doing something to prevent new terrorist attacks in Europe?”

“European Union leaders are just a tool for external control of the European peoples. However, if I were Monsieur Hollande, I would have brought France out of NATO and completely changed our Middle East policy, ceasing to support the Wahhabi regimes in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Well, first of all, I would have restored the independence of France, and ceased to obey orders from Washington and Davos.”

Russia — the last hope

“Here there is all this propaganda against Russia, but the adoption of new refugees from the Middle East — it is in the European media from where?”

“The largest media holdings owned by oligarchs. And they’ve long been dominated by Western Europe — and now they go East. The last thing that separates them from eventual dominance over the planet — Russia. It is important because it controls the territory that is the heart of Eurasia, and hence all over the world.”

As for migrants, their invasion brings the creation of “common people” without sex and ethnicity — not white and not black, neither a man nor a woman. Like the dystopia of Aldous Huxley — a “brave new world” does not know identity or national identity.”

“Have you visited Russia?”

“Not just once! I visted Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Vladimir and Suzdal, Novgorod and Siberia.”

“And how actually are the Europeans towards Russia and Putin?”

“It’s difficult to answer as polls are not conducted on the topic. My feeling is the Western oligarchy holds views completely in opposition to the policies of Putin — in fact, that is why he is an obstacle for them; but that’s why so many French people would like to see him be President, as he will bring order to the Republic!”

The world is on the brink of a war of all against all

“So where does all this lead?”

“I’m not an astrologer, but to avoid the risk of error here is what I would say: The world is on the brink of a war of all against all. Hope, however, comes from Russia, which is destroying terrorists in Syria. So, I think your President would have been a better candidate for the Nobel peace prize next year.”

“On the topic of Ukraine?”

“It should be understood: the European Union has to deal with a corrupt Pro-American regime that does not hesitate to send punitive battalions against residents of Donbass who are escaping the neo-Nazi dictatorship.

You know, some Russians regret that your army still did not dare to remove the Kiev regime. But I am glad that Putin had the wisdom not to invade Ukraine. One snap of the fingers and your troops would have already taken Kiev and Lviv. But then the whole West would have gladly united against you.”

“I know that you have been to Donbass.”

“Yes, a year ago my colleagues and I had created a humanitarian movement called “Children of Donbass”. I have since been there twice. The people there are decent and brave. They took up arms to defend freedom, language and culture. I bow before them!

Russia supplies Donbass with humanitarian assistance, but there is still a lot of problems. Schools without heating, orphans in orphanages, with barely enough food. When three-year-old girl takes you by the hand and asks: “and you come to our house daddy?” — how to answer?.. So, I want to say to all Russians – help Donbass, at least in a humanitarian context.”

Emmanuel Le Roy:

Born in 1956, received a law degree.

A political scientist. Advised the leader of the party “National Front”, Marine Le Pen, on interaction with Russia.

Spokesman of the French social movement “Children of Donbass”. An employee of TV channel “Liberte”.

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