Estonian Authorities Decide Not to Demand Money For “Soviet Occupation”


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

13th February, 2016


The Estonian government has rejected the idea to demand compensation from Russia for “Soviet occupation”, said the head of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Marina Kaljurand. According to her, Tallinn also supports the ratification of the Treay with Russia on land and maritime boundary.

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“I understand that we all have a past. I realize that the past cannot be forgotten. But I think in this situation you need to think about the future and to work towards a clear, secure and good future”, – said Kaljurand about the waiver in an address, quotes Moscow Interfax Agency.

“We support border agreements because it is in the interests of Estonia if we are able to remove from the negotiating table with Russia one question, and finally legalize the carrying out of the border, I think it should be done,” said Kaljurand, answering the deputies ‘ questions after a speech in the Estonian Parliament.

Recall that in November last year, in response to past demands compensation for “Soviet occupation”, deputies of the state Duma of the Russian Federation threatened Tallinn to propose a counter-claim, as Russia simply bought the Baltic States from Sweden.

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