EU suicidally entertaining new membership applications. Instead “start with an easing of relations with Russia.”

“If it absolutely  wants to integrate countries that are in the gangrene of corruption, with no goals except to take money, the EU loses all credibility”

Alexandre DURUDEAU
In Boulevard Voltaire, February 19, 2016

Translated from French by Tom Winter February 20, 2016

New applications to join the European Union: a looming suicide.

Le Figaro recently set forth very an article about the candidacy of the countries to join the European Union. In the Balkans, we find  Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and potentially Kosovo on the list.

Behind these applications, the suicide of Europe is looming …

It is clear that the countries of Western Europe (including ourselves) are far from perfect in the matter of corruption; however, at home, corruption has the decency to not exist except in the shadows, but in these countries, it is practiced openly.

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If the European Union is still party to the principle that integrating the less democratic countries allows us to have influence in order precisely to “contaminate” them with democratic values (which one could call “the school of democracy”), in reality — and we know it — with the removal of borders and the free movement, it is this corruption (and the trafficking that comes with it) which gets implanted in our lands.

 In addition, these applications come at a time when the European Union is in crisis. Some reminders :
– England is negotiating its membership (with great skill);
– Iceland (which withdrew their candidacy) announced a few days ago, they have returned to the level of unemployment before the crisis (a 10% decrease if we take the highest level ever and the level pre-2008). Their prime minister gives the coup de grace by adding that they could never have gotten out of the crisis if they had been a member of the European Union;
– Turkey, ever more ambiguous on the question of the Islamic State, is preferred to Russia, which we constantly keep on the dock of the accused;
– Greece, the heart of historic Europe, is being pointed at for its prodigious debt and is rejected when objectively, the wrongs in this melodrama are widely shared;
– The migration issue divides Europe, particularly between western and eastern Europe, and spotlights the weaknesses in the international coordination.

The European Union is taking on water but insists on re-soling its shoes with lead. Instead of building a Europe “from the Atlantic to the Urals,” as the famous quote goes, she lets herself get nibbled away (voluntarily) by her good sentiments. 

In wanting to completely integrate the countries “gangrened” by corruption and having no other goal than to take money, the EU loses credibility and leaves the field open to the United States and emerging countries (or newly industrializing ).

The heart has never made good policy: the EU should let its brain talk and build in a dignified and thoughtful manner.

This first of all: start with an easing of relations with Russia before embarking, firmly, on an effort in common. A stop to mass immigration. An evolution in our democratic functions. And, above all, a real European solidarity.
Suffice it to say that we should start over.

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