February 14, 1943, a holiday to commemorate

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“Donbass Free!”

“Miner, revive the heroic power of Donbass!”

 The heroes of the past are rejoined by those of the present. The Ukrainian nazis and their French emulators who roll in the mud with Pravy Sektor, Svoboda and the pseudo-democrats of the same political stripe… should recall the end they will come to in time; they will end up in the trashcans of history with the murderers and assassins.

“February 14, 1943 — day of deliverance for Rostov-on Don”

“Now there is a holiday for you!”

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Timely cartoon, from 43 years ago today.

Miner and text: Laurent Brayard
Rostov meme and cartoon via Angelina Siard
And yes, I did some translating — Tom 

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