Financial Times: Russia Ended U.S Lawlessness In the Middle East

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 Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

14th February, 2016


Washington has not gotten away with an “Arab spring”, in Syria, as Russia has clearly shown that it will not allow the United States to overthrow any leader who refuses to act on their orders, writes the Financial Times.

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Syrian government troops supported by Russian aviation made a major breakthrough in Aleppo, and now it is safe to say that Moscow has all the chances to reverse the course of the conflict, the newspaper notes. If the forces of Assad are taking Aleppo, Moscow in talks on a ceasefire on Friday in Munich, will be able to play their most powerful cards.

Ending one of the bloodiest conflicts in recent years, Russia will be able to put the settlement of the Syrian crisis at the top of its major foreign policy victories. Firstly, in September, when Russia began airforce operations in Syria, it showed that, along with the United States, it is a nation with significant influence in the Middle East.

Also, by actively participating in events on the international scene, Moscow is regaining the strategic initiative, which it lost to the West in the first years after the end of the Cold war, and forced US to recognize that global problems, including the fight against terrorism, cannot be solved without Russia, said the author of the article.

Perhaps, in addition to fight the jihadists of the “Islamic State”, Moscow has its own purpose in the region, which is criticized by Western leaders, writes the paper. However, it should be noted that in preventing the unceremonious removal of Assad from power, Russia has put an end to the longstanding American strategy aimed at toppling unwanted regimes and showed that Washington will no longer be able to get rid of any government leader on a whim, like they did with Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, concludes the Financial Times.

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