Finnish state media doesn’t want you to share Fort Russ (or other alternative media!)

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February 24, 2016

Translated for Fort Russ from Finnish by Petri Krohn

Finnish State Broadcasting Company YLE

Sanna Ukkola: What Russia?

Who benefits if Finns turn against each other?

Have you ever wondered, how professionally edited alternate media sites have appeared out of nowhere?

Have you ever been amazed that these sites that came from nowhere never write anything negative about Russia?

Have you ever marveled how different population groups in Finland are pushed into conflict against each other?

Have you ever wondered at the speed at which counter media attacks those who write about the ongoing hybrid war?

Have you ever asked who benefits the most when Finnish society is driven into chaos?

Why is it so difficult to see, that we are involved in an information war  – even if tanks or fighter planes are not storming across the  border?

Why do so many people who take national defense seriously share information, that aims to weaken and cripple Finnish defense capabilities?

In WWII Russians would shout their propaganda across the front lines to Finnish positions. “Come here Finnish boys, come and get some bread!”

Why are so many Finns reading these digital equivalents of WWII propaganda, without realizing who benefits from it?

You sharing fabricated stories from alternative media! Why do you not understand that your are acting as an agent of a foreign power?

Sanna Ukkola

The author is YLE’s morning TV presenter

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