Flores: Takfiri Groups Not in a Position to Dictate to Russia (VIDEO)

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Fort Russ – 11th February, 2016

Due to the efficiency and power of the Russian Airforce’s campaign in Syria, the ‘moderate’ rebels are beginning to atomize towards either Islamic State or Al-Nusra to maintain their chances of survival. Due to the loss of revenue from the illegal Oil trade with Turkey, Daesh are no longer a priority for Russia, who instead are focusing on cutting the supply lines between Al Qaeda and Turkey. This has resulted in the financiers and cheerleaders of Al-Qaeda and ISIS, mainly Saudi Arabia and Turkey, blackmailing the UN, offering their cooperation in return for representatives of Takfiri groups such as Ahrar al-Sham and Jaish al-Islam being involved in the talks in Geneva, with the Kurds being excluded. Russia refuses to entertain these demands, and insists that their campaign will continue until the last terrorist has been eliminated.

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In an interview with PressTV, Joaquin Flores explains how Erdogan shot himself in the foot, putting not only the future of Turkey at risk, but also their American and Qatari allies’ Middle East plans too.

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