Fox News: Putin Taught U.S a Lesson in the Effective Use of Military Power (VIDEO)


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

9th February, 2016


Russian airstrikes targeting rebels in Syria

Powerful Russian air strikes aimed at insurgents. Powerful Russian airstrikes… And you see where they lead. This is footage of a bombed-out Syrian city taken from the UAV. It’s just incredible – the complete destruction and annihilation. A new huge wave of refugees is now directed to Europe via Turkey. The immigration crisis is becoming more serious.

Ralph Peters is here. Ralph, I’ll just say my point of view. Europe is bankrupt, the UK may withdraw from European Union, and migrants are the spark that breaks the Union apart. What can you say about this?

RALPH PETERS, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. army retired, a military analyst Fox News: In Europe, undoubtedly, there is a deep split on the issue of migrants, and in the near future the situation will not improve. The problem will only becomes more serious. But one positive side-effect of Putin’s Syria policy – the emergence of a growing number of migrants.

He is not interested in stopping the flow of migrants, because he’s just happy to divide Europe. And if you look at what is happening now in Syria, Stewart, you — you know, Putin has a plan, and we have a fantasy. And Putin teaches us a lesson of how to effectively use military force. He doesn’t care about collateral damage, refugees, he wants to win – and he’s winning.

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At first we all heard the experts in Washington state that he is not achieving significant progress in the combat zone. He gathered many things together, and you see the unification of aviation, the Iranian-backed Shiite militants, Hezbollah, the Syrian army. They operate according to a very well-thought-out plan. And they are winning, they are crushing the moderate rebels, whom we support.

Does this mean that the so-called peace talks held with the mediation of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry are meaningless, and at the moment they have failed? If the Russian airforces in Syria cause such damage, these peace talks are completely pointless.

RALPH PETERS: the situation is the same as with the negotiations with Iran. Stuart, the other day you saw the earthquake footage, destroyed buildings in Taiwan. Now, thats got more structural integrity than in the peace talks on Syria.

We are just showing our viewers footage of bombed-out Syrian cities.

RALPH PETERS: This is Aleppo.

I don’t think these migrants will generally be able to return. I’m begin to suspect that American will be called upon to pay for all of this and not Russia. Sorry, Ralph, I’m sorry, but we ran out of time. I’d like to talk some more, but thank you for coming on the show and raising the issue. It cannot be avoided, it is a serious crisis. Thank you very much, Ralph.

Date aired – 08 February 2016.

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