German General: Russia Will Bring Peace to Syria, Turkey Will Bring Catastrophe

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

16th February, 2016


Western countries should look at Russia’s actions in Syria more objectively and abandon the prejudice that behind every decision of the Kremlin lies a “terrible threat”, wrote the Huffington Post quoting the opinion of the former Chairman of the military Committee of NATO, a retired German General Harald Kujat.

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Like all parties, who are one way or another involved in the Syrian conflict, Russia has its strategic interests in the region, however, this does not mean that they should be considered exclusively in a negative way.

Moscow has a coordinated plan to combat the jihadists, and it is obvious that without its participation the solution is impossible. “Without Russia, there will not be peace in the region” — said the General.

The former General also spoke about his vision for the future of Russia. The liberation of Aleppo is only an intermediate step on the road to the liberation of the country from the terrorists of the “Islamic State”. The aim of Moscow’s airstrikes is to help government troops cut off  the Turkish supply of arms to jihadists. Furthermore, the government’s army will be able to pave the corridor to the North-East of the country to the stronghold of ISIS – Raqqa.

The General also noted that the Syrian conflict has sides who will prevent the implementation of this plan, the first of which is Ankara. The corridor created by the army of Assad will eventually run into areas that are now under the control of Kurds, who distinguished themselves in the fight against terrorists. Meanwhile Turkey does not intend to stop the bombing of these areas and intends to continue the operation against Kurdish troops. In addition, Ankara is planning to send ground forces to Syria than can undermine all efforts to resolve the crisis.”Turkish intervention has the potential to transform the Syrian conflict into a global catastrophe,” concludes Kujat.

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