Hildegard von Hessen am Rhein: BHL Junior: Felix Marquardt at the service of the neocons: The Washington-French connection

“Felix Marquardt: founder of Atlantic Dinners”

Translator’s note: We Americans have a saying: “you can’t tell the players without a program.” This author presents a program of Washington’s good soldiers in France, Georgia, and Ukraine… We do not necessarily subscribe to the views expressed …

Hildegard von Hessen am Rhein
Published February 20, 2016 by Copyright: Reprinting items must include the name of Hildegard von Hessen am Rhein.

Translated from French by Tom Winter

I would like to dwell a moment on the neo-con cadre in France, to explain how and who the neocons support to serve their evil designs — which consist of maintaining the hegemony of Washington over the world.

In France, the role of anti-Putin herald is primarily held by BHL and Raphael Glucksmann. It’s BHL who led led Glucksmann during the Rose Revolution in Georgia. We have another rather high profile character, who is named Felix Marquardt, a convert to Islam. A sort of VRP* de luxe, who organizes dinner meetings between French politicians, businessmen and personalities from the US. He titles them “Dinners of the Atlantic.”

Glucksmann married a Georgian-turned- Ukrainian, Eka Zgulaze, who is Ukraine’s Vice-Minister of the Interior, appointed to the fight against corruption by the very néoconised Petro Poroshenko, called the “chocolate king,” chocolate manufacturer, and Washington poodle.

Eka — beautiful, pregnant — was arrested at the Boristol airport trying to get four million dollarsout of the country. She was leaving for France to join her husband. She said the money was hers … she certainly didn’t get it by winning the lottery! This is according to former Interior Minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko at Eurasia Daily December 14, 2015.

BHL-Glucksmann Junior, Marquardt, is also an anti-Putin combattant. Thanks to BHL — through whom he knows the network of media influence — the press, under orders, opens wide their platforms of TV, radio, newspaper columns, and the complacent publishers publish their stuff, assured that they are being relayed by presstitutes. They are at the service of the neocons who knew how to choose their servants by their influence on our country’s media. 

They will be able to broadcast a bad image of the Russian President to the French public. This is what to do as good soldiers of Washington.

The first Russia destabilization operation instigated by the neocons would be the one held in Georgia in 2008, when the very Atlanticist President Mikhail Saakashvili launched an attack against the South Ossetia that remained loyal to Moscow: Glucksmann joins the staff of Saakashvili, meets Eka (married to a local TV host) in 2009. The beautiful Eka, Americanized, had received a scholarship from the University of Oklahoma and had started in 2004 on the staff of the Georgian branch of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, a US development fund founded by George W. Bush in 2002. 

From 2001 to 2005, the Deputy Defense Secretary for W. Bush was the head neocon Paul Wolfowitz, the ideologue of the hegemony of Washington over the world. A charge of nepotism forced his resignation. Never mind, Dick Cheney, an adept at néoconnism was then Vice President. The influence would therefore remain intact.

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Zguladze would serve subsequently from 2005-2012 as Vice-Minister of Interior of Georgia during the presidency of Saakashvili. It has been found out that the Georgian police beatings were inflicted on prisoners while Eka headed that department. A propos of the silence of Glucksmann about the excesses and tortures in the prisons, Salome Zuravishvili wonders, could Glucksmann, married to the Vice-Minister of Interior and Minister, not know about them? [Zuravishvili is a former foreign minister of Georgia] And at that, he’s the son of André Glucksmann, champion of human rights — it is almost embarrassing…

The links with the neocons could not be more clear. Moreover, a note from Wikileaks is eloquent on the important role of the young woman who works on getting Georgia into NATO.

Raphaël Glucksmann married her in 2009. So much for the framing of this couple in the pay of Washington. It is not known to the public in France. However, we notice quite often the actions of her husband on French television making anti-Putin talking-head editorials. It has become a very lucrative business for him, fueled by works and articles published extensively and complacently, put out there by the media under orders, aiming at harm for the image of Russia and its President. A remarkable appearance on Taddei [Frederic Taddei, French TV presenter] was when the pug, from the top of his convictions, declared — in contradiction to the truths set forth by Frédéric Pons in charge of foreign policy in Current Values — denying the obvious, that the Maidan protesters were in not manipulated by “anyone”, and that he “had been speaking with the US administration for a year, and they would have assured that they had nothing to do with the events of the Maidan and did not harbor any intention to have Ukraine get into NATO”. The hypocrite liar! He was suddenly interrupted by one Slobodan Despot, who was visibly annoyed by the arrogance of Glucksmann. 

The Swiss writer and editor of Serbian origin, author of articles in Causeur, publicly revealed his intimate relations with the leaders of Ukraine and with Georgia earlier via his wife. Which put the servant neocon in a somewhat embarrassing spot. One could see the satisfied smile of Frédéric Pons, a journalist in Current Values, in charge of foreign policy, who was the courteous and specific contradictor in the broadcast, without, however, daring to set out the fact of his intimate relationship with the regimes named. The most unpleasant thing in this broadcast was the pug draped in his regalia as collaborator with the unsavory regime, holding a candle to Hubert Védrine, who kept his cool and courtesy.

European countries nourish in their bosom a great number of anti-Putin agitators of the type, financed by the neocons. For the Glucksmanns, it looks like it’s working, when the wife is in possession of $ 4 million …. that she tries to take abroad! On the side of the neocon money, also positioned in French territory, is the furiously Atlanticist convert to Islam character, Felix Marquardt, a restless public relations Atlanticist, internationalist, whose recent company organizes working dinners for politicals and businessmen. On the board of this company sits a certain Jack Devine, former head of CIA operations and president of Arkin Group and last but not least, a prominent representative of the International Herald Tribune newspaper, whose submission to the neocon anti-Putinists is well known.

In addition, Marquardt seems to be linked with Glucksmann, as evidenced by a photograph in Georgia where you see them together. Marquardt, too, is never stingy with insults for President Putin. This is to mark that these thirty-somethings maneuver about in Europe, and France in particular, to smear the image of Russia and President Putin. To paraphrase Talleyrand, they are shit stuffed in a silk stocking, which makes them attractive to the media and the gullible public, always sensitive to to media hype. They are the instruments of show biz allure, well paid, and part of the system of the neocon influence of Washington. 

Marquardt’s 2004 conversion to Islam would be owing to the fact that he fell in love with a Tunisian and he “had to” convert to marry her. From the height of his certitudes, pumped up, drenched in the media spring that can drive you crazy, he launches an appeal to reform Islam.

Notice to the Muslim Brotherhood and other proponents of universal Caliphate, who will recognize in him the messenger of Allah … so that they’d follow with docility, which would suit the mind of Marquardt. Just to hear him express himself in approximating manner suffices to ascertain his intellectual limitations. Never mind, he is an instrument of the neo-cons that one learns to play, for the money. That said, Islam is ideologically very suitable for neocons, in so far as internationalism goes. In Islam, the nations do not exist, only the Ummah prevails. 

Which matches up to the Wolfowitz_Doctrine,

 which holds that America is chosen by history to be the hegemon of the world.

For the neocons of Washington and the current Islamophile Obama administration, Marquardt can represent an advantage. The neoconned VRP* is expanding its scope in service to the Gulf countries, with branches of his company now in Cairo and Dubai. 

Just as Tarik Ramadan** is a seductive face of Islam, Marquardt, who signed with it along with its platform calling for reform of Islam, is the ideal instrument for media-Glamour columns in Gala, Vanity Fair, anti-Putin, and matters between Europe and the Middle East. 

Furthermore Marquardt argues against the National Front, which wants to get out of NATO. He will even assert on Ummah TV that President Putin finances “the FN and all  the fasho-parties of Europe, annointing  the declarations of his buddy Glucksmann on Taddei, and he goes even further in charging that in their support of President Putin the FN has “mentally colonized a string of people” who are not only in the National Front, but in the left. He encourages in its wake young Muslims to anti-FN hatred by urging them to become the spearhead of the anti-Pen. He obviously does not intend the anti-racists to put him before the 17th chamber [which judges the press–tr.] I would not be surprised if his talk was dictated by the neocons. Indeed, the European patriots parties are resolutely in favor of a rapprochement with Moscow and an exit from NATO’s. Marquardt is primarily American and insists on it. But an American serving a very specific category, like Islamophile a la Obama, or CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) that is in constant development of revindication since the Obama administration. In this he perfectly fulfills the media and public relations role for which he is paid. 

We have seen how the neocons proceed by funding small groups of “influencials” such as BHL, Glucksmann, his wife, Marquardt and so on, followed by the media under orders. 

However to finish the Marquardt topic he speaks so so stupidly that he should be relegated to the simple organization of dinners. If I were in the shoes of the neocons, I would forbid him to speak in public. His TV appearances could harm their projects. Especially when he says “the ‘Mericans tend to confuse their interests with those of the world, it is obvious (sic).”

He self-propels as an ideological decider without visibly having the intellectual ability… Unlike his “buddy” Glucksmann, he nurses at the ideological bottle which is an extension of his father: From Maoism to néoconism, he glides with disconcerting ease from one empire to another. 

This other is apparently very lucrative. This explains that!


  • VRP, “Voyageur Representant Placier,” “Traveling Contractor’s Representative.” This is a salaried intermediary charged with distributing the goods or services of one or several employers.
  • **http://tariqramadan.com/english/

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