Kiev Attempts Breakthrough in Donetsk, Residents Demand Removal of UAF From Donbass


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

3rd February, 2016


The situation in Donbass has worsened. On the 1st of February, German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a joint briefing with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who said that the Ukrainian side is doing its utmost to fulfill the Minsk agreements, and it’s to the credit of the Ukrainian President. But how actually is the situation in Donbass, and who is in breach of the Minsk agreements, the Ukrainian armed forces today are clearly demonstrating the answers.

The UAF attempted a breakthrough on the Northern outskirts of Donetsk, with continued shelling of the Kuibyshevsky district of the capital of the DPR, Zaytsevo village on the outskirts of Gorlovka shudders from the shells of the Ukrainian security forces.

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Donetsk People’s Republic, for the past day the UAF shelled DPR 109 times. Moreover, the Ukrainian security forces violated the ceasefire with the use of technology prohibited by the Minsk agreements. During the shelling the UAF used mortars of calibres of 120 mm, 46 times – 82 mm mortars 53 times and used AGS and small arms 10 times.

There has been heavy fire tonight in Zaytsevo village, situated to the north of Gorlovka. According to the DPR, the UAF fired on a DPR-controlled part of the village for half an hour. From the position of the Ukrainian side there was about 80 minutes of caliber 82 and 120 mm. A resident of the village was hit, due to the wounds she received the woman is in the hospital.

The shelling damaged more than 10 houses – the following houses were destroyed: on the street of General Kondratenko 110 to 150, St. Lacis 16, 215, 36, St. Rybalko 210, Karbysheva str. 67, street Poletaeva — half of the street was destroyed. At the moment the shelling of zaytsevo continues, snipers are also present.

This morning at about 11 o’clock, the Ukrainian security forces staged a breakthrough attempt in Donetsk – between the “Volvo-center” and the village of Sands. The attempt failed, however, the UAF continues to intensively the bombardment of the area, with the rockets falling on residential areas of the Kuibyshevsky district of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

In addition, the settlements of Shirokaya Balka in the West of Gorlovka, Lozovo in the Yasinovatsky area and Gabishevo and Spartacus were under fire from the Ukrainian security forces.

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Residents of the Donetsk People’s Republic are in a panic. As was reported by people on social networks, in the village of Zaytsevo, the locals can’t get out of their basement as the shelling continues.

“We have the Minsk agreements, they simply do not work. Yesterday Poroshenko met with Merkel, she gave him the command at the “FAS”, and now Zaytsevo is under fire, and October in Kuibyshevsky rattles, the UAF in Donetsk are trying to break through,” said the resident of Donetsk – Vyacheslav.

As was reported by the news agency “Kharkiv”, a resident of the capital of the DPR, Svetlana, today, the situation really escalated, with incessant noise all day, not only in Donetsk but in Makeyevka.

“Today Donetsk is shaking, and the Windows shake. I imagine that there is something going on around the outskirts.

My relatives live in Makeyevka and Yasinovataya, I called them, they are also restless, all day today we heard that somewhere nearby there is a fight.

How much longer will it all continue? Today, I heard that the UAF tried to break into Donetsk, so what is it? Can they not be pushed so that they can never break into our territory? How are we going to suffer, to sit in our cellars, to die?

It is clear already that the UAF do not abide by the Minsk agreements, they don’t care, they have one goal — to get our lands and destroy us. The militia can push our borders from invaders, but we adhere to the “Minsk-2″. We have orders, and them?” — Svetlana is indignant.

Meanwhile, the authorities of the Donetsk People’s Republic increased the punishment of citizens for violation of the curfew imposed in the DPR.

From now on, violators can be detained for up to 15 days. This tightening was introduced due to the revitalization and intensification of fighting in Donbass. These changes became known from via the message of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR. Note that the corresponding decree was approved by the head of the Republic Alexander Zakharchenko.

“On the territory of the Republic there is a curfew, which applies to street movement of citizens, public and private transport, and taxis in the absence of special passes issued by the authorized state bodies from 23:00 to 05:00”, — the report from the law enforcement body said.

The Interior Ministry said that the authorities had to toughen the penalties because of the potential risk due to increased attacks by the Armed forces of Ukraine, as well as the activation of diversionary groups.

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