Lithuanian Recruits Complain About Separate Menu for U.S Colleagues


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

10th February, 2016


Lithuanian conscripts have complained that a more limited menu is offered to them than their colleagues from the United States, reports

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“Dinner in the dining room. Recruits rejoice: Oh, and cheese! The cook sharply answers: no, it’s for Americans,” — the journalist Ignas Krupavicius, who is serving in the national army of Lithuania, wrote on Facebook.

Despite the fact that the Lithuanians and their allies have been training shoulder-to-shoulder, they are served different meals, and even in the dining room they are placed in different parts of the room. The Ministry of Defence responded by saying that this is not surprising.

As it turned out, the Lithuanian diet is allocated €5.40, while the food budget of the NATO soldiers is about €8.

The Press Secretary of the Ministry of Defense, Asta Galdikaite, explained that of the amount allocated for food is actually only €6, but acknowledged that different products were used for the Lithuanian soldiers and allies.

Earlier, The Prime Minister of Lithuania complained about the outflow of young people from the country after the introduction of compulsory military service.

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