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Fort Russ Feb. 28th

This text was originally translated by J.Hawk and posted at the littlehirosima website (Yes, Dunya now has her own website!)

You know who’s awesome? We’re awesome!!! All of us!!

They wrote about us in the Lugansk newspaper. If one looks closely and carefully reads the article, one will see the number “1415” – [that’s the number of people that Lugansk Center for Aiding Families and Children has helped – ed.].

And you know how much of it is our contribution, the items that you sent?
Zhenya said that our share, at a minimum, is over 1,000, perhaps even 1,200 people.
Can you imagine?

Even the clothing that the Lugansk center distributed over the last year – over two thirds of that is what you sent us.

Unfortunately, since the summer, we only go there in a regular car [due to customs policies – ed.], so we can’t take a lot of items with us.

Women working there tell us every time we visit that if it weren’t for us, they’d have nothing to distribute.

November 2015:

Before the summer, we got so many bags of clothes that they formed whole mountains, in the midst of which my daughter would build forts. Right before one of our trips, the sacks accumulated so high that they formed a veritable Great Wall of China, and blocked access to the piano and the bookshelves.

Mom cursed at us out for that. But now she sighs when she sees how little we take with us.

Incidentally, not all of the clothing we delivered went to the Center. Sometimes we responded to individual requests, with Lena setting things aside for them. We mentioned them in our reports. And it wasn’t just clothing – we also brought toys, books, paper, office supplies, etc.

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I regret I can’t list everyone who donated these things. Because many donations came out of nowhere.

Natasha Puchkova, Sveta Kononets, Irina Ivanova, Marina Dobis, Aleksey Afanasyevskiy, Tanechka Anikina and her helpers, Kostya Pivovarov, Tanya Prokopenko, Sevara and Aleksis Feulya, Ilya Lomakin, Lena Mayorova, Katyusha Izotova, Elena Makarchuk, Lena Kayokina, Olga Vsekhvyatskaya, Sasha Zherebnova, Olya Kopyt, Anton…And how many more names I have forgotten!

Friends, if you don’t want your name to be listed here, drop me a line. But I want to say thanks to all those who helped, and please write if I forgot to list you!

We have also made frequent deliveries of food parcels in this center for the needy.

I have so many store receipts that I’ll soon have to start a second volume.

I love you all!

PS. A few things we brought them during our January trip:

PPS. And if you want to join in helping the people of the Donbass, write me in person through LiveJournal, facebook, Paypal([email protected]) or email to [email protected]

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