Logic of Ukrainian politicians

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An Army Corps completely staffed by Ukrainian expats in Russia?

In Novorossia Today, February 17, 2016
 The logic of Ukrainian politicians

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

In my view the leadership of Ukraine in general, and the of the armed agencies in particular, have exhausted the stock of tales, and have crossed over to utter delirium. The leadership must be “on” something, or they consider Ukrainians so mentally degraded as to hear such nonsense. Maybe they (the Security Service of Ukraine and the GRU) are competing to see who will tell the more exciting story?

Meet Mr Basil Gritsak, head of the Ukrainian Security Service, a historian by training, but apparently, even when he was a student, an active collaborator with the KGB that is so hated by true “patriots.” It’s not about the character itself of Mr Gritsak, but about the news available on the same link. In short, the head of the Security Service of Ukraine said that since December the Russian Federation has been putting together a corps which they are trying to fully staff with Ukrainians.

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And there it is … For sure, all those people who fled from the war to the land of the “aggressor” — and it is nothing less than a million people — have decided it is time to go home, and with guns in their hands, and are heading to the recruiting stations in their serried ranks. At the same time, no one is bothered by the fact that foreign nationals can only serve under contract, and actually fight only under conditions of martial law and military conflicts — which as we know do not exist at the moment. 

I did not mention the number. To form an army corps 20 to 50 thousand are needed, depending on the tasks assigned to the given formation. Where do we get so many people who are ready (according to the idea of Mr Gritsak) to go to war? The ones who escaped into Russia — often to get out of yet another military draft.

Well, Mr Foreign Minister Klimkin is also pleased. He publicly supported violating the law (the one about militants of all sorts unlawfully detaining/obstructing the transport of Russian merchandise in the territory of Ukraine), but at the same time stressed that Ukraine is a country of law. Is he inwardly laughing? Ukraine has long lost any signs of the rule of law. Any such signs went up in flames, burning in the Odessa trade union building on May 2!

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