Lyashko: “Why Is Putin Blamed, If the Government Is Stealing and Lying?”


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

4th February, 2016

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The leader of the Radical Party of Ukraine, Oleh Lyashko, made a statement to journalists in the country. He said that Putin is not to blame for the fact that people have nothing to eat, and the authorities are corrupt. 

“Why does Putin get the blame, if the government steals and lies to the people?!” – this emotional statement was made by Lyashko to journalists in the Parliament building.

“There is no reason to blame the mirror if the face is crooked”, said the leader of the party. The country has the largest unemployment rate in nearly a quarter of a century, the fall of GDP has reached a critical point. And all are being blamed on Putin and the war.

Lyashko issued accusations against the existing Ukrainian authorities: “Why is Putin blamed, if it’s you that steals?”. According to his statement, the authorities deceive people, accepting corrupt and lobbied laws.

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