Medvedev: “We Will Not Ask for the Lifting of Sanctions. They Will Come to Us”

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

16th February, 2016


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“Russia will never ask for the sanctions to be lifted against her,” stated the Prime Minister of our country in an interview. According to Medvedev, Russia will wait until the West will understand that they only make themselves worse off.

“We have never asked for anything and will never ask, especially to the West. Knowing our literature, it is possible to remember, for example Mikhail Bulgakov. There is a very exact phrase in the book that was widely reviewed — “Master and Margarita”. Woland says in it that he doesn’t need to ask for anything — they’ll make the offer, and then they will give everything. So we’ll do the same — will never ask them to cancel these sanctions. They will soon come to to an intelligent opinion and then say: “Come on, hurry up, let’s end this as soon as possible, because nobody is better, everybody only gets worse” — these exact words were picked by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation to summarise the situation.

Medvedev also explained his words by the fact that the West itself suffers more from the pronounced sanctions. Russia began to develop even more so after their adoption. According to him, “Russian Federation develops, lives, and of course, will survive”. And anyone in any case will change the policy of Russia, and it’s not for nothing, because the people of Russia support it.”

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