Merkel Blames Failure of Syrian Peace Talks on Refugees and Russia

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

8th February, 2016


The peace talks of the Syrian settlement are being hindered by refugees. This opinion was expressed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Ankara. She stressed that what is happening with the refugees on the Syrian-Turkish border is a disaster.

“Germany is ready to help in regard to the provision of refugees”, — said Merkel. But, in her opinion, “under these circumstances it is difficult to imagine negotiated peace, and therefore this situation should end as soon as possible”.

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To stop the flow of refugees from Syria, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu agreed to take a number of actions, notes TASS. This includes, in particular, joint diplomatic efforts to end the operations of Syrian government troops near the city of Aleppo, where they are fighting with militants of “Islamic State”. At the same time, Merkel and Davutoglu are not even thinking about interfering in the internal affairs of Damascus.

“In the last few days we are not just shocked, we’re horrified by the suffering of tens of thousands of people by bombing, especially the bombing of the Russian side”, — said Merkel, forgetting about the mass executions and killings in Syria by militants of “Islamic State”.

Furthermore, in solving the refugee problem, Merkel and Davutoglu decided that Turkey and Germany should make a major effort to increase the participation in NATO. In particular, Merkel was interested in the possibility of espionage with Ankara – she discussed the use of NATO surveillance on the border with Syria and the Aegean sea.

In 2015, roughly 1.1 million refugees from the crisis regions in North Africa, Asia and Middle Eastern regions arrived in Germany. The Catholic bishops of Germany supported a reduction in the number of accepted refugees, which Angela Merkel welcomed and met with open arms. This hospitality turned into a nightmare for the German burghers – on new year’s eve in Cologne, migrants committed hundreds of rapes and other crimes of a sexual nature, as well as more than thousands of robberies and beatings.

“From a sick head to a healthy one” is a well-known Russian proverb which, in this case, characterizes very well this passing of the buck of responsibility.

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