Moreira, creator of “Masks of the Revolution” taking lots of heat

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Kiev: demonstrators wearing T-shirts of the radical Svoboda Party fight with police.

Français.RT, February 2, 2016

Translated from French by Tom Winter, February 7, 2016

Paul Moreira, creator of the documentary on Ukraine, The Masks of the Revolution, broadcast on February 1 on Canal+, is practically the subject of a manhunt, says Olivier Berruyer* 

RT France : The Ukrainian Embassy in Paris demanded that Canal+ not air the documentary of Paul Moreira on Ukraine for political reasons. Is that some current practice in France?

Olivier Berruyer : No. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen that. Man, all the same, it takes some nerve for an embassy to apply pressure on a channel in a foreign country to stop a broadcast from airing. It’s pretty close to the feeling of impunity current in Ukraine. It’s a sad thing, but unfortunately there is more and more pressure on our media to go that way, and on Canal+, Vincent Bolloré [principal stockholder] has already reprogrammed a story, done by French, on a French bank a few months back.

RT France : Can that be characterized as censorship?

Olivier Berruyer : Yes, it looks a bit like it. We see that there is a clear desire not to have the least discussion about a documentary. Few people saw it before release. It seems quite temperate, it very clearly and factually shows a lot of information on the Ukrainian crisis that has hardly been seen in France and in the West, and particularly it shows the role of the extreme right militias, which though a minority, are an armed minority, and capable of large-scale damage as we saw during the events of Maidan.

RT France: The Ukrainian Embassy also sent a list of movies on the Maidan revolution for Canal+ to broadcast. Do you think the Canal+ management will use them?

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Olivier Berruyer: I do not know, but in this case, it would be absolutely necessary to give our media a list of enough interesting stories to broadcast every time that Bernard-Henri Lévy shows up in our media, which happens a bit more often than the airing of reports from Paul Moreira.

France RT: Do you think the Kiev approach will provoke an international reaction?

Berruyer Olivier: I was quite surprised at the prompt stark reactions on this matter in France, which is still extremely amazing for a story that will practically pass into the night on a French pay channel. It’s pretty amazing. But it shows that internationally, people are interested in this little affair.

In any case, what would be really interesting is not to prohibit the story of Paul Moreira, but to have a lot more “Paul Moreira”s report on Ukraine. Perhaps we would have different aspects, allowing everyone to get a more precise opinion on the situation. For the media, it is absolutely the deal to give their country a Manichean picture. This means there must be some good and some evil. Of course, we support the good guys … 

Often in extremely complex projects, such as Libya, Iraq or Syria, as soon as one wants to show the complexity of things, it completely destroys the war propaganda. We see totally hysterical reactions with a handful of anti-Russians who get excited about Paul Moreira, who is the victim of a real manhunt. Should we see a tribute to the anti-German war propaganda of a century ago? In war, there is no information, there is only propaganda.
*Berruyer Olivier is a French economist. He interviews regularly on BFM Business, and appears on many French channels and radio stations such as France or 24 Channel info. He is also the founder of the blog

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