On the west’s mad push to demonize Putin

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“The objective is to keep the russophobic flame alive and increase it with the influx of new themes. All, of course, without a shred of proof.” 

Giulietto CHIESA 
In Il Fatto Quotidiano, February 7, 2016

Translated from Italian by Tom Winter, February 14, 2016

A frenzied campaign is on to demonize Russian president Vladimir Putin. Lots of people are on to it, it’s so obvious, but not everyone understands the reasons. And not everyone is aware of who is behind it.

Let’s lay out the facts in line. We begin with the oldies, because the matter has gone on for several years — from the time when the Russian president realized that he has to defend himself against the Empire. He must have read the book by Arnold Toynbee:

Putin “aggressor” of Ukraine. Putin “annexed” Crimea by force. Putin shot down the Malaysian Boeing. Putin who killed Politkovskaya. Putin who killed Boris Nemtsov on the Kremlin bridge. 

And now here comes the new wave. (New so to speak).

Putin who murdered Aleksandr Litvinenko, with the polonium. And the English judge says so, though he adds “probably. The boundless riches of anti-Putin propaganda in that BBC documentary — without a shred of evidence. But it was reprised and and amplified by the American administration and endorsed by Obama’s spokesman. Which is like sending him to say: “we’re not discussing it with you any more.” 

While he still insists on calling them “our partners.” Ah, the patience! 

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And, soon, be on the lookout for another “bomb:” the International Criminal Court has announced that it has initiated an investigation on the responsibility for the war in Georgia of August 8, 2008. Timeliness? Well, eight years old. The Russian government, for its part, has already made this survey, collecting 500 volumes of data, and published it eight years ago. But no one will be surprised: The Hague will not have time to read it. In fact a new indictment against Russia is in the works, for which no evidence is needed.

The objective is to keep the russophobic flame alive and increase it with the influx of new themes. All, of course, without a shred of proof. But who cares? The result is assured anyway. In fact all the Western media, the stevedores of neo-lingo and neo-Orwellian logic, need no evidence. They do not even know any more how to look for it or verify it. They repeat by rote, with undiminished safety and impunity that is granted them by the sainted, or Boeotian, forgetfulness of the masses, recalling the small vial that Colin Powell shook at the United Nations Security Council, accusing Saddam Hussein of having “weapons of mass destruction”.

There is a center, a special office charged with coordinating this campaign. We talked with Pino Cabras in our book “Barack Obush.” Where it is, physically, we do not know. But it exists and works full time. It is equivalent to a general staff of the imperial propaganda. It has no need to economize resources:

Putin bombards the terrorists in Syria? No, Putin bombards civilians, hospitals, schools, children. Who says that? The Western coalition which funded the cutthroat Daesh. Nobody checked: Erdogan said it. The Naziphiliacs of Kiev are saying it. The Nazi sympathizers of Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania are saying it. Brussels says it. And that says it all. The US announced that they will send troops to Syria. Overt violation of all law. Saudi Arabia, democratic and enlightened, is piling on and will send troops too. Turkey also is aiming to invade the Kurdish zones.

Why is all this happening?? For one simple reason: Russia is destroying Daesh, a piece at a time. And the army of Bashar al-Assad is on the offensive on all fronts. 

In Washington, they organize seminars and measure the losses of “their” guys in the field. So we have to stop Russia before it is too late, that is, before all the cut-throats are dispersed and put to flight. If anyone is wondering if the peace negotiations in Geneva stalled? The moderate terrorists are protesting. And they ask America: before any negotiating, Russia must leave. I.e. the only country legitimately there, to support the Syrian government in Syrian territory, has to leave it.

If not – the West makes it understand openly – they will go to war. Maybe in Ukraine, or maybe in the Baltic, where they are all screaming over an impending Russian attack as NATO prepares a very imminent provocation against Russia. And please do not tell me that I am a catastrophist. I am anything but. But I’m not blind. 

Everything is very clear. Pull up your iron underpants, but you know that will not be enough to save you. In the meantime let’s get ready to go to war in Libya. I would suggest you begin to mobilize against this indolent government. There is the appeal of Zanotelli: and will we permit the Signora Pinotti to take us into another war?

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