Parubiy: Sanctions Against International Russian Bandit Should Be Continued

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

24th February, 2016


I started working in Canada and the USA. The trip is short, but with a very tight schedule.

The main purpose of my visit is the insistence on the need for the continuation and expansion of international sanctions against the aggressor country of Russia. Accordingly, sanctions will be a central theme in all my meetings with official representatives of Canada and the United States.

Our position is that sanctions, in addition to direct economic values, are important, possibly more important, than politically-evaluative content.

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By implementing sanctions against the international Russian bandit, the civilized world, not in words but by actions, demonstrates a categorical rejection of the destruction by Putin’s Russia of the foundations of the modern international security system.

Accordingly, even the very assumption of the possibility of lifting sanctions, without first restoring the status quo and full payment of all the aggression inflicted on Ukraine and our citizens losses, is the recognition of the admissibility of such criminal acts.

This will be the beginning of the destruction of the global security system. This will encourage Russia to further act with aggression and expand the Russian state’s terrorism, not only against Ukraine. Also this will set a precedent and encourage other potential nuclear bandits.

I am convinced that this cannot be acceptable for the civilized world.

Sanctions must be continued and intensified.

I have and I will do everything I can to keep it that way.

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