Poklonskaya: Many Facts in the Film “Werewolves in Russian Crimea” Were Confirmed

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

25th February, 2016


On February 24th, the chief Prosecutor of Crimea, Natalia Poklonskaya, met with the head of Newsfront, Konstantin Knyrik, at the Prosecutor’s office in Bakhchisarai.

The reason for the meeting was the documentary film “Werewolves in Russian Crimea”, published by the agency on 16th February of the current year.

Konstantin Knyrik thanked Natalia Poklonskaya for the prompt and professional response to the publication of the film.

For her part, the chief Prosecutor of the Crimea confirmed that it is currently under review and they are studying all received files.

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In addition, Natalia Poklonskaya stressed that under her leadership, the Prosecutor’s office of Crimea “will not overlook anything” and expressed concern for the situation in general.

The chief Prosecutor of the Crimea confirmed that the checks carried out so far have found and confirmed many facts described in the film “Werewolves in Russian Crimea”.

Verification also confirmed that the appointment of a former chief tax inspector of the city, Igor Beleckii, to the post of acting head of Bakhchisarai was in violation of the norms of the Charter and the Federal law, since in accordance with the legislation the appointment to this post must be approved by the deputies of the city Council, which did not happen.

In addition, Natalia Poklonskaya assured Konstantin Knyrik that the established Council of Ministers of the Commission will be given a legal assessment.

The previous head of the administration of Bakhchisarai, Vladimir Verhovoda, and the Chairman of the Bakhchisarai city Council, Yuri Gulyaev, resigned on 20th February after a film with segments taken from a hidden camera installed in the office of their boss was published on the Internet.

The Prosecutor’s office of Crimea on 17th February triggered the initiation of two criminal cases on the results of verification of facts contained in the video. As was reported by the press-service of Prosecutor’s office of Crimea, the verification on the instruction of the head of Department Natalia Polonskaya has led to the investigation on the two facts of illegal activity involving the leader and the Chairman of the Bakhchisarai city Council, Yuri Gulyaev.

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