Polish TV Broadcasts “Masks of the Revolution”

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

22nd February, 2016


On Sunday 21st February,  the Polish TV channel TVN24 showed a film by French documentary filmmaker Paul Moreira, “Masks of the Revolution”, which depicts the events in Ukraine in February and May 2014. The broadcast of the film in Poland was called a scandal and dangerous to the inhabitants of the country, reports “Radio Poland”.

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In particular, a columnist for the Polish magazine ‘Newsweek’, Michael Katsevich, wrote a review, which stated that showing the movie “Masks of the Revolution” in Poland without relevant reservations is “especially dangerous for Poland”. In his opinion, viewers need to be forewarned that this film is a “scandal” because it, from his point of view, is false, and the Director supposedly used “classic manipulation techniques”.

“The majority of Poles do not know about these events in detail and, given our (poles – approx. ed.) vulnerability to the theme of Ukrainian nationalism, the film may strengthen a sense of fear and threat allegedly coming from the side of the new Ukraine”, — said Katsevich.

In turn, the Ukrainian Embassy in Poland has expressed its disappointment at the gesture of the Polish TV channel TVN24. The Embassy called the film’s broadcast disrespectful to millions of Ukrainians.

The film by Paul Moreira, “Masks of the Revolution”, was first broadcasted on February 1st on the French TV channel Canal+. It is a documentary on the events that took place in Ukraine in 2014, with the coup in February and the tragedy in Odessa in May. Moreover, the Director emphasizes that the essential role in organizing the unrest in Ukraine was played by the United States. The film was broadcasted on French TV despite the objections of Kiev.

The film was posted in Russian on YouTube on 4th February, however, the file was blocked a few hours later.

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