Poroshenko Convenes Meeting to Deprive Crimeans of Passports and Move Tanks in Kherson


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

27th February, 2016


President Petro Poroshenko instructed the preparation of a special meeting of the Council of National Security and Defence to consider a revised strategy for the reintegration of Crimea.

“A detailed plan-schedule from the Cabinet of Ministers on the protection of national interests of Ukraine in international courts is expected, bringing the aggressor to account before Ukraine, the Ukrainian government and private companies”, — said Poroshenko.

“Crimea was, is and will remain an integral part of the Ukrainian state and the country will force the thief to return what was stolen. I think it will happen sooner or later, no matter how long the process of deoccupation of the island takes” — the President said.

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In addition, the President demanded that the government should submit to the Council a question regarding the temporary special customs regime for protection across the line of the administrative border of Kherson region and Crimea, and the energy strategy regarding Crimea.

Clearly, the government no longer intends to rely on Right Sector and the Mejlis for the “return” of Crimea itself and seizing control of transport, customs, energy flows.

Also Poroshenko added that Ukraine naturally does not recognize those residents of the Peninsula who have received Russian passports and Russian citizens. “In Crimea citizens of Russia do not live there, it is inhabited only by citizens of Ukraine, our people live in our territory, which is temporarily occupied,” he continued to rave.

Of course, officials in Kiev are not going to consider the will of the Crimean people expressed at the referendum. Furthermore, it demonstrates to them its capabilities of “reintegration” power if they do not want to understand the diplomatic language of “Roshen” and Klim Chugunkin.  Poroshenko has instructed the Defense Ministry and the General staff of the armed forces of Ukraine to submit proposals on how to strengthen their military capabilities in the Kherson region and along the Black Sea coast.

“Russia has significantly increased its military presence in the region, completing the transformation of the Peninsula from a blossoming international resort into a large military base that poses a threat, including nuclear, not only to Ukraine, but also to all the countries of the black sea region,” cries the guarantor. Apparently, the Western puppeteers ordered Poroshenko to “escape” from Donbass, because it was not possible to slow down the Minsk process and shift the focus to Crimea. However, the guarantor himself is forced to “fight for Crimea”, because recently his political opponent Yulia Tymoshenko has accused the chocolate king of the criminal surrender of the Peninsula.

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