Prince Sixtus Henry of Bourbon-Parma at AJKF conference in Paris: “They want to destabilize Europe” (Video)

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Prince Sixtus Henry of Bourbon-Parma

February 23, 2016

By Kristina Kharlova

International conference “Press freedoms under the conditions of international instability and terrorism” was held in Paris on February 18, 2016, organized by the Independent Journalists Association for Peace (Assoziation Journalisten im Kampf um den Frieden), which I was grateful to attend. A panel of international experts discussed topics, such as “Analysis and journalism in a time of global conflict” and “Press freedoms, media and political influence.” 

According to AJFK press release:

The conference will bring together a select and unique grouping of analytic journalists and experts.
The special work of these journalists and experts has focused on today’s pressing subjects of terrorism,
war, economic instability, and socio-political repression. These journalists and experts will deliver
presentations on the scope of their work and their findings, as well as some of the obstacles
from governments, security agencies, and corporations, which they have encountered along the way.
We live in a time of great upheaval and uncertainty, and it is critical that civil society stands united in
defense of independent journalists, as democratic societies fundamentally rely on citizens’ access to
objective information and analysis, as well as opinions critical of the status quo. 

Prince Sixtus Henry of Bourbon-Parma was among the high-profile guests along with Jean-Marie Le Pen. He had some words of advice and encouragement to say to the attendees after the award ceremony (translated from French):

You are all here for a noble cause that is pressing for us. It is unfortunately, an ancient strategy. They want to overturn the noble causes, our national histories, our mutual histories. They wanted to inject us with an infection… [inaudible] Happily, the noble words that we have just been hearing and the very significant presence of President Le Pen and everything that you represent is our hope in the face of the attack of which all of us are the targets. This aggression you’ve been discussing with much talent dates from a certain epoch when they wanted to create an infection against our values, against our historic logic. These infections, and I’m not listing all of them, Iraq, a few years, back, and today, Syria, not to mention other dramatic events. And now, after destabilizing the Near East, they want to destabilize Europe through this immigration — among the other matters you’ve been discussing with so much talent. I believe we have the duty — and you represent it admirably, to stand back-to-back defending ourselves in the face of this onslaught. That’s what you are doing this evening. Bravo and thank you.

The French transcript:

Vous êtes tous ici pour une noble cause qui nous parait pressante. c’est une stratégie malheureusement ancienne. Ils ont voulu renverser les causes nobles, de nos histoires nationales, nos histoires reciproques. Ils ont voulu inventer les abcès de fixation…… (????) Heureusement, des nobles paroles que nous avons entendues tout à l’heure, et la présence très significative du président Le Pen,  et tout ce que vous représentez est notre éspoir à tous face à l’agression dont nous sommes tous victimes. Cette agressions dont on vous a parlé  avec beaucoup de talent date d’une certaine époque lorsqu’ils ont voulu créer des abcès de fixation contre nos valeurs, contre notre logique historique. Ces abcès, je ne les cite pas tous, c’est l’Iraq il y a quelques années, c’est la Syrie d’aujourd’hui, sans parler d’autres faits dramatiques. Et maintenant, après avoir destabiliser le proche orient, ils veulent destabiliser l’Europe, à travers cette immigration entre autres dont vous avez parlé avec tant de talent. Je crois que nous avons le devoir, et vous le représentez admirablement, de nous défendre dos à dos  face à cette agression.  C’est ce que vous faites ce soir. Bravo et merci.


I would also like to thank AJKF for acknowledging our work at Fort Russ!

Kristina Kharlova and Fort Russ team

Kristina Kharlova, founder of Fort Russ

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