Putin: “The Only Unifying Idea Is Patriotism”

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

4th February, 2016


The key national idea for Russia is patriotism, said the Russian President Vladimir Putin on 3rd February, during the meeting with the Club leaders.

“If we want to live better, it is necessary for the country to be more attractive for all. We do not and cannot have any other unifying ideas, other than patriotism,” Putin said.

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According to him, citizens, officials and Russian business are doing everything to make the nation better, “Because, if this is so, every citizen will live better. And wealth will be more and more comfortable and so on. This is the national idea”.

The President stressed that patriotism is not affiliated with any particular political party or social organization, because “the country is the people”, “That’s unifying — if we want to live better, it is necessary that the country is more attractive for all citizens, more effective, and the bureaucracy must be more efficient.”

The head of state stressed that the development of a sense of patriotism alone are not enough words for a politician to utter: “For that you need consciousness, and you constantly have to talk about it, at all levels, constantly.”

As a reminder, in 2014, the polls started to record a growth of patriotic moods in Russia, as well as a jump in the level of confidence in the President of the Russian Federation, hovering around 84-87%. Experts believe that this surge of patriotism is associated with the successful holding of the Olympic games in Sochi and the reunification of Russia with Crimea.

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