“Right Sector” Introduced in Estonia

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

12th February, 2016


Activities have begun in the Republic of Estonia of an association under the name ‘Parem Sektor Eesti/Leegion’, or translated into Russian — “Right sector Estonia/Legion”, reports Baltnews.

Estonian activists organized themselves at the end of January 2016, creating their own page on the social network Facebook.

“We gather, therefore, to resist the attacks of Tibla (“Tibla — contemptuous nickname of the representatives of the Russian-speaking population of Estonia). But at the same time gather information about Tibla operating in our country that intend to stick a knife in the back of true patriots”, — this view was expressed by chief editor of the Tallinn newspaper “Capital” Alexander Chaplygin.

However, the journalist does not understand why Parem Sektor Eesti holds such an active position. “In case we need to organize pogroms? Don’t know about you, but I am getting kinda uncomfortable,” — said the chief editor of “Capital”.

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It is known that besides the “Right sector” in Estonia, the Finnish group “Warriors of Odin” also appeared, which have so far limited their interests to “new migrants of non-Christian religion”.

As it turned out, the organization’s leadership is officially registered in Estonia as the non-profit organisation MTÜ Toeta Ukrainat, with one of the members of the Board being Antsa Punninga.

Officially the purpose of MTÜ Toeta Ukrainat is “the implementation of humanitarian assistance of Ukrainian volunteer battalions, the people who suffered during the hostilities, as well as internally displaced persons from the conflict zone in other regions of Ukraine”.

However, on the Association’s official Facebook page, it states the following: “Our activity is connected with the implementation of the Estonian constitutional duties and rights.”

“Not all Russians are “putinoids””, but nevertheless a lot of Russians respect our country, culture and customs. But also there are Russians waging war against Ukraine”, — stated the same Facebook.

In addition, members of the group stated on the pages of social networks and that they are against migrants and sexual minorities.

As a reminder, in the end of last year the leaders of the Baltic States actively supported the integration of Ukraine with Europe. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, Edgars Rinkēvičs, said that if Ukraine continues on the path of European reforms, the citizens will have the opportunity to live freely in Europe.

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