“Right Sector” Promise the Gallows and Executions for Russian Truckers

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

27th February, 2016


Truckers from Russia, detained on the territory of Ukraine, can be executed by local nationalists according to “laws in times of war” – hanged or shot. Such a statement was published on the official website of the activists of “Right Sector” and veterans of “ATO” on the social network “Vkontakte”.

On the night of 26th to 27th February on “DILL | PRAVY SECTOR | NEWS UKRAINE | ATO”, – one of the most famous and popular resources among Ukrainian nationalists, an appeal appeared to the Ukrainian truck drivers to urgently stop their trips to Russia, as Ukraine is preparing a new transport blockade of Russian truckers.

A screenshot of the message of “Bear Blockade”

The morning after, the post, which gathered hundreds of “reposts” and thousands of “likes”, was deleted either by the administration of the site “Vkontakte”, or administration of the public; on the community page there is no explanation. The entry can still be found in the cache of search engines, but we also have a copy of the page – a screenshot.

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Quote (translation):

“Appeal to the Ukrainian truckers! We urge you not to go to Russia, because when we restore the transport blockade you run the risk of becoming hostages. From there you cannot simply exit.”

Here is a warning for the Russian truckers.

Quote (translated):

“I appeal to the appropriate truckers from Russia! We urge you not to go to Ukraine because you are the accomplices of fascism and terrorism – you pay taxes that go on the war with Ukraine. Either repel Putin or do not come, otherwise, we will do what is expected to be done to the enemy, we have more than enough gallows and bullets .”

A screenshot of the page “DILL | PRAVY SECTOR | NEWS UKRAINE | ATO”

Please note that the page “DILL | PRAVY SECTOR | NEWS UKRAINE | ATO” is one of the main mouthpieces for Ukrainian nationalists, but it is also often used by Ukrainian security forces and intelligence agencies – to organize campaigns of intimidation of the local population and  the spreading of disinformation. At the moment, there are more than half a million “public” subscribers, making it a very powerful resource for propaganda.

“Right sector”, prohibited in Russia, is an extremist organization that arose on the basis of various Ukrainian nationalist groups. Fighters of RS participated in the riots during “Euromaidan”, are in punitive operations in Donbass and are in the so-called energy and trade blockade of Crimea, as well as being in the organization “Bear Blockade” – the blockade of the Russian truckers. The organization has a well-armed paramilitary wing with activists.

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