Right Sector: “Take the Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, RPGs and Drive Poroshenko Out!”


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

18th February, 2016


The Right Sector and UPA announced a march to Kiev after February 20th. This was stated in a joint press conference by one of the members with the callsign ‘Sensey’.

According to him, on the 20th of February they will begin the mobilization of nationalists, which will give time for the President to voluntarily resign, otherwise he will be threatened with punishment.

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“The time will come when we put the weapons into our hands, and we will come and say: “Poroshenko is a traitor, get out of here. You have three days”. And then we’ll take the assault rifles, submachine guns, RPGs and drive him out of there…

On the 20th February, each of us will leave home and begin to mobilize people. I don’t know which way – we are not oligarchs, and have no money. I can say that I am doing this to attract businessmen who are not engaged with this government. 

We’re going slowly to 10, 20, 30 people to the extent possible, we’ll leave here, and claim the position of the impeachment of the President, definitely, the recognition of the ATO in the war, the release of all political prisoners and other issues… 

We’ll give them three days to leave peacefully without weapons… or one day, and then we will take up arms, which we received in the East, because of them. They have taught us to fight and to kill, and we’re going to kill them if they did not understand what is going on,” said Sensey.

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