“Russia Must Give Dagestan Back to Azerbaijan” – Opposition Leader

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February 29, 2016


Translated by Kristina Kharlova

“If Russia wants to be an ally of Azerbaijan, it must give us back our historical land of Dagestan”, – said the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan, Sardar Jalalogli to Modern.az, who was approved by the government to participate in the presidential elections.

However, he claims that he is a supporter of mutually beneficial relations with Russia and has several conditions for Russia: “The alliance can take place only as soon as Russia will return our historic land of Dagestan. Those lands that were taken from us and given to Armenia should be also returned. Only under these conditions Azerbaijan can be ready for true partnership… in the present circumstances we will be able to cooperate with Russia in the sphere of economic relations. Generally, if someone in Azerbaijan thinks about the alliance with Russia, they lack historical consciousness and desire to protect national interests of Azerbaijani people”.


According to Jalalogli, “Dagestan in the face of the Derbent khanate was one of our khanates. The whole of Dagestan – is historical territory of Azerbaijan.” 

It remains unclear how the Derbent khanate could be “our Azerbaijan”, while all of these khanates were the historical territories of Iran which ceded to Russia in the wake of two wars in the early nineteenth century, where the Bolsheviks created a new state called “Azerbaijan”? Not to mention the fact that even during the reign of the Derbent khanate most of the territories of Dagestan were not part of Azerbijan.

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