Russian MoD Puts Stoltenberg in His Place

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Fort Russ – 7th February, 2016

Ministry of Defence Facebook

The Russian Defence Ministry has commented on a recent declaration of the NATO Secretary General J. Stoltenberg that the operation conducted by the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria prevents the conflict to be settled peacefully and causes the growth of tension in the region.

Mr. Stoltenberg should be reminded that the crisis in Syria has been caused not by the operation conducted by the Russian Aerospace Forces, but by the thoughtless activities of the NATO member-states, which have brought the region of the Middle East into the chaos.

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Moreover, just before the Russian aviation arrived in Syria, the NATO member-states had already imitated fighting against international terrorism in the format of “Nanai kids wrestling”.

By the way, nobody in the West and moreover in Brussels has even talked about some negotiations in Syria. Only time limits of final break-up of the country according to a Libyan scenario, where the NATO states had been freely setting the Western “democracy”, were discussed.

Owing to the activities of the Russian Aerospace Forces, just in several months the Syrians have believed that the international terrorism could be fought and eliminated in their country. And as a consequence, they have started to think about the future of Syria.

Concerning the words of Stoltenberg on the “tension” in the region caused by the Russian presence in Syria, that is – nonsense.

If there is anybody who is “strained” by the actions of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria they are terrorists. The Russian Defence Ministry has been openly telling and showing this to the whole world since the start of the Russian operation.

Why someone in the NATO countries is “strained” together with terrorists – that is the question to be addressed to J. Stoltenberg.

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