Saakashvili Suspected of Revealing UAF Secrets

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

10th February, 2016


“Movies” featuring the Governor draw on several articles of the criminal code, said the ATO speaker Lysenko.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched an investigation against the Governor of the Odessa region, Mikhail Saakashivli, for publishing classified information online about ATO units. This was reported by the speaker for the administration of the ATO, Andriy Lysenko, in an interview with Novaya Gazeta, speaking about the violations of military censorship.

Note that Saakashvili, in January, visited the soldiers of the “Storm” battalion in the ATO zone. He later posted a video on the Internet which showed the positions of the Ukrainian roadblocks and even a map.

“The most recent one was explicit: a video that was leaked on the Internet by Saakashvili. A complete surrender of the Ukrainian positions! Thing that are strictly prohibited to journalists, were revealed by the government official”, he said.

“I think the military Prosecutor’s office and the counterintelligence needs to evaluate this. As far as I know, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has already started an investigation… Saakashvili can say that it’s someone else who’s filming because he’s in frame all the time. And who’ll be punished – the one was filming or the one who released the video?”, – he said.

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According to Lysenko, due to Saakashvili’s military leak, which he revealed on video, they now need to relocate. Moreover the relatives of the fighters have already begun to receive threats from separatists.

“This “movie” falls on several articles of the Criminal code. However, the military Prosecutor’s office will not publicly reveal the details of the prosecution and investigation. A final decision will be made by the court,” he added. Lysenko explained that there is military censorship, as well as a chief military censor.

“The head of department is responsible for the safety of military and state secrets in each unit. They ensure that TV and cameras do not get access to documents that are stamped as “Confidential”: staff cards, battle orders, general orders, code tables for communication, lists of staff of military units. It is possible to determine the number of military personnel by even financial statements”, – Lysenko explained.

“It is also forbidden to display secure communications equipment, computers “by themselves”, i.e. not connected to the network unit for processing secret data. The methods of communication between the military groups’ sites is taboo. It’s forbidden to show the positions of where the enemy is observed, to show the changes in the movement of columns,” – said Lysenko.

“We always ask the operators not to film things that relate to the terrain, or locations of objects that are calculated in meters. In the dugout, in the tent, in the trenches – remove, please. It is not always possible to show the faces of the military. In general, censorship in our environment is primarily a concern for security,” he said.

He noted that “the most grateful readers and viewers of Ukrainian intelligence are the GRU, the general staff of the Armed forces and the Federal security service of Russia”.

“They skilfully learned to use it for spreading disinformation and creating a mass psychosis. We had this in 2014, and last year it was observed”, he added.

As a reminder, Saakashvili said that the negativity in the media in the West is the fault of Yatsenyuk. The Odessa Governor accused the Prime Minister of requesting negative articles about himself in the foreign press.

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