Sacked Polish Producer Looks for Work in Russia


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

2nd February, 2016


Vladimir Medinsky

Polish producer Marek Chunkevich wrote an appeal to Russia. In his letter, he explains his position concerning the earlier incident, where he was fired for apologizing to the Russian Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky.

“Thank you for coming from Russia, giving expressions of support and encouragement. I did nothing unusual. I just think that in life you need to be honest. I have always tried to bring together our countries, to find a place of understanding. So at the moment I can’t be the cause of the conflict. With such a large increase in tensions, this should be a private matter. Please convey my thanks to friends from the Russian agencies and TV channels, for I wish I worked with them. Please give special thanks to Mr. Yuriy Bondarenko for appreciating my knowledge and wanting me to be an expert in the Centre for Dialogue. Actually together we could do much for the rapprochement between Poland and Russia. However, I can’t take the money from Russian taxpayers. It wouldn’t be fair. For friendship cannot be bought. I can not tell you about the difficult and bitter issues because you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. I prefer to live modestly, quietly, but with dignity and always to speak the truth.

Marek Chunkevich

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P. S. Excuse the publishing of this letter in the public domain”.

Earlier it was reported that producer Marek Chunkevich, from the Polish TV channel TVP, was fired for sending a letter of apology to the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky.

Medinsky, the Russian Minister, who visited Poland to visit the international day of commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust, gave an interview to the Polish channel TVP. During the conversation, the host constantly interrupted Medinsky, who did not allow him to answer questions and behaved extremely improperly.

After the interview, Marek Chunkevich sent a letter of apology to the Embassy of Russia in Poland for the host’s misconduct.

After the dismissal of the Polish producer, he has received several offers to work in Russia, including from the TV channel “Star”.

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