Secret U.S Cookies for Russian Oligarchs in Ekaterinburg


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

22nd February, 2016


According to ‘’, In Ekaterinburg the Deputy of U.S Ambassador John Tefft, Lynne Tracy, arrived on a visit there. …All Tracy’s movements were carried out in conditions of strict secrecy that’s …very strange for a diplomat…

Tracy held a number of meetings with other heads of diplomatic missions and representatives of the business community.

…The hotel …had increased security, and journalists who came to the hotel for another event – a press conference with representatives of the tourism industry within the regional tourism forum – by chance coincided with the visit of Tracy.. were not allowed into the building…

Tracy herself ran from journalists, in the literal sense of the word. …The American diplomat drove to the hotel in a tinted  “Mercedes G wagon” with an escort vehicle without number plates. At the entrance several cameras of Russian TV channels waited for Tracy, as well as photographers, seeing which cars would stop before the entrance, after which both cars proceeded to the underground parking lot. Tracy has not been seen since…

Notably, the U.S. Consulate General in Ekaterinburg  when ‘’ asked for comment… advised to write a letter with questions, though an answer was not promised.

“We have a rule – all requests for information are done in writing. If you send one, I can promise you that we will at least read it and, perhaps, you will get an answer”, –  reported the correspondent in his dialogue with the representative of the diplomatic mission…

Mikhail Delyagin noted: “The secret nature of the formal visit of the representative of the United States proves the secret nature of its mission. The attitude of American diplomats to the Russian laws is demonstrated by the use of vehicles without number plates, which is a flagrant violation of all conceivable and inconceivable norms. In fact, American diplomats behave in Russia like they do in the occupied territories.

Their commitment to democracy, and other standards, which they require from Russia, is evident by the frankly boorish attitude to the “native” media (although it is still better than, for example, the position of the Ambassador of Canada, who for several years was strictly prohibited by his government from any communication with officials and from visiting public events – until the performance at the Bolshoi).

American diplomats often visit Ekaterinburg: Recently, in addition to Tracy, the US Ambassador Tefft paid a visit, the assistant to the infamous feeding of Nuland Maidan “cookies” – Kathleen Kavalec, and the spokesman for the U.S. Embassy Will Stevens. This confirms the hypothesis about the preparation of the dress rehearsal of a Maidan after the state Duma elections in Ekaterinburg.

Reports on the meetings of U.S diplomats with the “business community” suggests that the riots will be organized with local money”.

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