Speaker of Right Sector Predicts a Military Coup in Ukraine

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

24th February, 2016


A speaker for the Right Sector (RS), Artem Skoropadsky, has predicted a coup in Ukraine, and threatened to put tanks in the center of Kiev. He wrote this on his page on Facebook.

“Let’s be frank – we have no state. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has is a caricature of the “new police”, which can be dispersed by any street thugs. There’s a bunch of politicians in the Verkhovna Rada, of which only 20 are honest people. There is a “President” who has surrounded himself with an army of invaders from the Interior Ministry (for those who do not know, except for the “new police”, the main task of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is to protect the President in the event of a coup). There are oligarchs who attack each other through their channels and the same politicians in the Verkhovna Rada”, – wrote Skoropadsky.

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According to him, the coup will be performed by fighters and volunteers returning from the front and fighters of the Right sector, Azov and OUN.

“Somewhere, unknown to us, is a new Napoleon – Colonel, Colonel or General of a brigade, who at the right time will bring tanks to Khreschatyk during the popular uprising and will fire the cannons at the Interior Ministry, Parliament, politicians and the President,” – said Skoropadskyi.

Note that the message of the RS speaker caused a storm of commentary. In particular, some accused him of promoting Russian ideologies, others supported him and suggested the acquisition of weapons.

As a reminder, the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine, Anatolii Matios, called the Right Sector an illegal armed formation.

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