Starikov: Russia Has the Means to Respond to the West’s Information Attacks

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

26th February, 2016


Co-chair of the movement “Antimaydan” – Nikolai Starikov.

A presentation was held in Moscow consisting of a report on the “Information war”, which was prepared by analysts of the movement “Antimaydan”.

During the event, community experts spoke about the technology of conducting information attacks against Russia, as well as methods of countering them.

“The Information war is one of the main trends of foreign policy of Western countries. It is a comprehensive toolkit that is used to put pressure on Russia, including from within”, — the Director of the Institute for strategic studies and forecasts of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Georgy Filimonov, told the audience at the presentation.

The main goal of information warfare, according to the expert, is “the organization and implementation of a coup with the subsequent capture of Russian power by Pro-Western forces”.

“Otherwise it’s called a “color revolution”, which is achieved through the destabilization of the political situation in the country. As for the external perimeter of the exposure, it is the weakening of the reputation and influence of Russia abroad. The West creates the image of a treacherous, aggressive, tyrannical and backward Russia, with which it is impossible to have anything to do with,” – Filimonov added.

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Ideological attacks by the Western propaganda machine are carried out simultaneously on several fronts, said the study’s authors. This is inciting ethnic and religious hatred, support of separatism to discredit the authorities and power structures, promotion of Russophobia, revision of history, the exaltation of Western values, propaganda of the ideas of “Maidan”, i.e. the seizure of power under the pretext of fighting corruption, as well as media attacks on the President of Russia.

“Methods and goals of the information war were clearly shown during the organization of the anti-constitutional coup in Ukraine. We could observe the demonization of the legitimately elected government, and representation of power structures that comply with the oath and strove for order in the Ukrainian capital in an unfavorable light. Hence the thesis that in Kiev there was not a coup, but a revolution. They say people have the right to protest. But the fact that the Ukrainian Constitution was severely violated and trampled is not spoken about,” – said the publicist and co-chair of “Antimaydan”, Nikolai Starikov.

The elderly recalled that during the Crimean spring, when the inhabitants of the Peninsula, not wanting to recognize the illegal regime, held a referendum on reunification with their historical homeland, Western propagandists used another tactic, called “double standards”.

“They began to say, allegedly, that  people voted under force. To be honest, curiosity emerged. If people throw a “Molotov Cocktail”, then this is an expression of citizenship, but if they throw the ballot in the ballot box, then this is the occupation and violence. In this case, I want to note, the Crimeans acted strictly within the framework of the Ukrainian Constitution,” – said the Publicist. 

Another good snippet of the information war against Russia, says Nikolai Starikov, is the situation with the downed Malaysian airliner:

“It took literally ten minutes after the tragedy before Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and his entourage were already blaming the downed aircraft on the militias, Russia and Vladimir Putin personally, if our leader could be somehow involved. At the same time it should be remembered that it’s been over a year and still no clear investigation of this tragedy has been carried out. Hence, I conclude that for our geopolitical partners it was important for the information to denounce Russia more than anything else, and they don’t think.”

In addition, the authors of the reports in the media war against Russia was actively used for the Syrian agenda. With assistance from the internal anti-government forces, the so-called “anti-war platform” was formed, which at the moment its shine is known to all, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Dmitry Bykov, Andrei Illarionov, Stanislav Belkovsky, Yevgeny Kiselyov and Alexei Venediktov, predicting in the country, “the casualties and the inevitable economic decline because of the incredible cost of the military operation of the Airforce of the Russian Federation”.

Withstanding the information attacks from the West, according to Nikolai Starikov, can only be done through the accumulation of their own media resources, which Russia has already achieved some success with.

“Let us take the Russian TV channel “Russia Today”, which conveys our view to the Western audience. At a cost of 248 million euros it has an audience of about three million people. A similar structure is in the West —the BBC has an audience of 404 million, while it has spent 700 million US dollars a year. It turns out that we have made progress in the plan to counter information attacks, since our TV is much better and more practical,” said Starikov.

Member of the Federation Council, co-Chairman of the movement “Antimaydan”- Dmitry Sablin, Nikolai Starikov, PhD in sociology associates Professor of Economics Galina Gradoselskaya and journalist Konstantin Semin

Member of the Federation Council, co-Chairman of the movement “Antimaydan” – Dmitry Sablin
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