Taysaev: “Right-Wing Forces in Georgia Reorienting Domestic & Foreign Policy Towards the West”

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

28th February, 2016


Press service of the Union of Communist Parties – Communist Party of the Soviet Union  (UCP-CPSU):

“On the 25th February, the day of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Soviet power in Georgia, the Unified Communist party of Georgia received a message with a video issuing threats. Young people in masks with torches voiced threats against all those who are positive about the Soviet period in modern Georgian history. The so-called “Georgia Force” flaunted Nazi symbols and phraseology and did not hide the fact that he would act using terrorist methods.

The video message with the slogan “Glory to the Heroes!” was distributed in response to the statement of the Central Committee of the ETUC in Georgia in connection with the anniversary date of the establishment of Soviet power in the Republic. Threatening statements were made in the address to the Chairman, the ETUC in Georgia and a number of activists of the party.

In recent months the social situation in Georgia has dramatically worsened. Inflation has slashed the salaries of civil servants and private sector workers. Recently, there was a powerful miners’ strike in Tkibuli, which had a wide resonance.

This situation, as always in recent years, involved the first radical right-wing forces in the country. Having huge finances, telecommunications and other resources, as well as open support from the US Embassy, they are preparing a fascist revanche in the country, which can turn into a severe complication for Russian-Georgian relations.

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Against this background there are, unfortunately, amplified manifestations of Russophobia and anti-Sovietism, not only by these radical right-wing forces, but also by the government of Georgia.

It is in such spirit that the Prime Minister and the president, and other senior representatives of the ruling coalition “Georgian Dream” make special statements.

There is a high probability that amid a relative weakening of the left forces, the low credibility of the so-called “Pro-Russian” forces, which had previously made russiaphobic pleas, the ultra-right (Saakashvili’s party, the other party) will mislead the general masses of workers and will come again to power in a Maidan scenario. But this time the terror would be more trenchant and outspoken than under Saakashvili”.

Commenting on these developments, Secretary of the CPRF Central Committee, First Deputy Chairman of the CA of the UPC-CPSU, the first Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian integration and relations with compatriots Kazbek Kutsukovich Taysaev, in particular, said: “The situation in Georgia is similar to the Kiev Maidan. And here the heads of neo-Nazi elements were raised, their actions actually predetermined the balance of political forces. And this was actively supported by the employees of a number of foreign embassies, high-ranking “emissaries” of the U.S State Department.

But if in Kiev they were handing out cookies, in Georgia it is unknown what can be used to seduce presumptuous fascist thugs. In any case, both Ukraine and Georgia is watched by the skilful hand of the “manipulator”, guiding the development of certain circles favorable for the West. The aim of their effort is clear: to bring to power political figures and parties who have obvious Russiaphobia as their ideological basis. To drive a wedge, to destroy the traditional centuries-old ties that binds our people, to dramatically reorientate domestic and foreign policy in the direction of US and EU, or even worse, NATO interests.

But I am more than convinced that the good sense and wisdom that has always distinguished the Georgian people, and in this situation, workers, will enable Georgia to assess all the threats of this political adventure, and not become the subjects of unworthy manipulation.

Spiritual and cultural values are too close to the hearts of our people to serve a bunch of politicos, who forgot that for centuries these values united and rallied us in the years of general troubles and trials.”

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