The Aleppo – Homs “Road of Life” unblocked, open for civilian traffic after de-mining

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Russian Spring February 27, 2014
Translated from Russian by Tom Winter
 FLASH: “The Road of Life” unlocked, Tiger Force has annihilated all the ISIL terrorists.
Syrian troops have just completely released a strategic highway Aleppo – Hama on the stretch of road Salaam – Hanasser.

In the north-eastern part of Hama Province special forces of the Syrian Arab Army “Tigers”, with the support of the Lebanese Hezbollah, the Republican Guard and the National Defence Force (NDF) released the last segments of the “Road of Life” from ISIL.

This is reported by Arab media and press office of Tiger Force with reference to various military sources. At present, engineering and de-mining units are at work. It is reported that on Sunday, the track will be completely open to civilian vehicular traffic.

Earlier today, the army team took full control of the village of Hammam after fierce fighting with ISIL terrorists, marching throughout the first half of Friday and Saturday.

Tiger Force, under the command of Colonel Suhail Al-Hassan and allied formations initially took part of the village, after the ISIS militants tried to retake it during Friday’s rapid advance.

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As a result of this failed attack, Syrian forces killed more than 30 bandits and wounded more than 40.

Yesterday the “Russian Spring” reported that Tiger Force unblocked a section of the “Road of Life” at Hanasser after destroying the ISIS militants there.

Further battles continued in the strategic highway Aleppo – Hama, on the line of Sheikh Hilal – Itria. The Syrian Army moved forward with the active support of the Russian military aircraft, flying their air strike missions on ISIS positions in the north of Hama.

Government forces have completely liberated the area from terrorists and will very soon clear the only supply route to Aleppo.

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