The crime picture in Ukraine

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Georgiy MOROZOV, in Novorossia Today, February 24, 2016

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

Some interesting data came up today.

So, in Ukraine according to Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, President Petro Poroshenko, and other high-ranking politicians, the reforms are in full swing. That bloody and bad government “of the predecessors“ has been toppled, and for the second year, Ukraine is striding confidently into European society.

But here it is: judging by the data provided by the main department of Ukraine’s Ministry of the Interior to one of the Ukrainian journalists, today in Ukraine there is now a high probability of dying at the hands of a robber, or there might be a a veteran of the ATO who is pleased to play with some sort of trophy, perhaps a grenade unlawfully removed from the front, or a gun, or the like: thus, the number of suicides in March 2015, was twice the number in March 2013. 

Number of homicides for March, 2014 was 9; in March 2015 it was 74, that is to say homicides went up by a factor of 8. Cases of theft in March 2014 – 381, in March 2015, – 1549 — up by a factor of four! Car theft in March 2013 – 17 cases, in March 2014 – already 47, and in March 2015, 46. And cases of fraud in the first three months of 2015 are double the number for the first six months of 2014.

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I have found it interesting to look at the statistics for all of 2015 and compare them with the first months of 2016.

Further, if we take into account that in the current level of corruption, falsification has been seeping literally into everything, starting with the media and ending with the official papers, statistics, etc. the crime picture is even worse. On the whole of the Soviet Union the number of police officers was approximately 630 thousand, which is an average of 435 people per police officer. In Ukraine, this figure is 225 per police officer (with the number of 45 million people.).

Well, after viewing these figures I personally do not understand how we can say that Ukraine is “a country of free people,” and a “European-law government,” as do not only the politicians, but also the ordinary citizens that the government deliberately misleads. 

People, they’re going to mug you in broad daylight (though the government, is already doing it) to buy a loaf of bread, but you will just keep on dreaming of a visa-free regime?

PS It would be interesting to look at the numbers in the level of crime in the EU before and after the migration crisis.

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