The Pentagon Has Spent $51 Billion on Useless Projects


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

1st February, 2016


Washington made a list of unrealized military projects that resulted in enormous financial losses for the Ministry of Defense.

The USA have estimated huge losses to the budget from military projects that were never completed. Enriching American gunsmiths, they have not been of use to the army because of shortcomings in the system of planning expenses in the budget.

“According to the report of the Center for strategic and international studies USA, since the turn of the millennium, Washington has spent $51.2 billion in 15 projects in the field of military technology and weapons, which were then abandoned because of the sequestration of the military budget,” reports the American edition of Business Insider.

As was stated to journalists by former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, a reduction in military spending is currently the biggest threat to American Defense.

$18.1 billion was spent on mysterious “future combat systems”. They included the production of new combat vehicles, which were intended for the army, but in the end they were nothing but prototypes the troops never saw.

An attempt to create an expeditionary fighting vehicle for the marine corps ended badly: the project cost $3.3 billion.

The same applies to self-propelled howitzer XM2001 Crusader ($2.2 billion). 

In second place on the list of expenses is the helicopter RAH-66 Comanche.

Its development cost 7.9 billion dollars. As in the first case, the U.S. military has not received the promised multi-purpose reconnaissance and attack machine.

It ended in failure, and did the development of the presidential helicopter VH-71. In this case, 3.7 billion from the budget was wasted. 

$200 million was unsuccessfully spent to create the rescue helicopter and another half billion was spent on the development of helicopter reconnaissance.

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National polar-orbiting operational satellite system of environmental monitoring is located in third position on the list.

Its development cost $5.8 billion. Another half a billion was spent on a space-based infra-red system, designed for early detection of the launch of ballistic missiles.

The creation of the onboard laser systems for aircraft of the United States from the U.S budget cost $5.2 billion.

Also, the Pentagon refused to develop multi-purpose aircraft control and guidance E-10 ($1.9 billion).

Another hundred million was spent on the creation of a next generation bomber.

Money from the budget was also wasted by the U.S. Navy. The project for the development of advanced underwater vehicles for the delivery of special operations forces also failed.

The project cost 0.6 billion dollars. The plan to create the next generation cruiser CG (X) (0.2 billion dollars) was also not implemented.

Despite the fact that the US has consistently cut funding for its own military programs, Washington agreed to provide $300 million to support the Ukrainian army. Senator John McCain, commenting on the decision, said that the Armed forces of Ukraine have nothing to oppose the military of the people’s republics of Donbass, so Kiev needed additional financial support.

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